What Is The Full Form Of FSSAI

FSSAI- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Definition:Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
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full form of fssai in hindi
full form of fssai

You can step up to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Gov of India), the FSSAI, or theFood Safety and Standards AuthorityThe Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 established an independent body. FSSAI’s mission is to promote and protect public health through the implementation, supervision, and regulation of food safety. It also appoints food safety authorities at a state level.

FSSAI standards have the primary goal of:

  1. The scientific basis for the establishment of standard norms for food articles.
  2. To ensure that food safety and standard act 2006 are followed in order to maintain and regulate the production, storage, sale, distribution and import of food in the best possible manner.
  3. Facilitate and ensure the safety and quality of food that is distributed to the public by catering establishments.

Fast-growing industries include restaurants and food stands. The popularity of eating outside and ordering food from restaurants and food establishments is a major factor in the growth and expansion of this industry.

It ensures that people get quality food at a reasonable price. Food joints and eateries must be certified by FSSAI.

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FSSAI Registration for Food Establishments

FSSAI regulations must be followed by all food restraints or establishments. They must also obtain a certificate of FSSAI licenses. The license is proof that a place selling food can be considered a legal producer and distributor of processed and cooked foods. This license is proof that a sole proprietorship or startup is legitimately involved in selling food and other culinary items.

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To obtain an FSSAI licence, businesses and kitchens must register for an FSSAI registration.

Steps to Register for FSSAI

Step 1 Visit the website online – http://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/ . Priority must be checked to determine if you are eligible for a State License or a Central License.

Basic LicenseUp to 12 lakh
Central LicenseGreater than 20 crores
State LicenseUp to 20 crores
full form of fssai

A person can apply for an FSSAI licence depending on their turnover.

  • Step 2After you have checked which license is available, open the website and click the “sign up” button. Fill in the form with the required information, including a valid email ID and phone number.
  • Step 3Sign up by choosing a username, and password. Logging in will give you access to the FSSAI website.
  • Step 4After receiving an SMS confirmation or E-mail, log in to your FSSAI accounts. The account will only be valid for 30 days. After that, the account will automatically be deactivated. After a month has passed, the account user must register to obtain the FSSAI license.
  • Step 5:Log in to your FSSAI Account to register for a FSSAI Licensehttps://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspxEnter the information.Important note: One should complete the FSSAI registration on the go. You will need to restart the registration process if the form is not completed on the go.
  • Step 6Make a copy of the completed form and make a printout before you submit it. A hard copy of your registration form is helpful for future reference and helps you remember what you have said.
  • Step 7You will receive a reference number when you apply for the FSSAI. Keep the reference number handy. It is necessary to track your progress on the FSSAI registration form.
  • Step 8After printing the registration form, take a printout and submit it to the registrar.Regional authorityOr state authorityAll supporting documents are attached.
    • Please note that the FSSAI license registration application must be submitted within 15 days of its online submission.
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Anyone in the food industry can follow these steps to apply for an FSSAI food licence.

Documents needed for FSSAI license registration

You must prepare and procure certain documents in order to register for FSSAI. These documents serve as evidence for establishing your food business.

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These are the documents that you will need to register for a FSSAI license

  1. The form must be presented along with the owner of the restaurant or its proprietor.
  2. As the owner, you will need identity proof, in any way like a Aadhaar card, voters ID card, driver’s license.
  3. Documentation proving the location of the restaurant/business is required. This document can be issued by the Government.
  4. If there are other directors or shareholders of the company, the identity proof for each partner or member must be submitted.
  5. It is mandatory to have a valid Email ID and a valid telephone number. If the startup or company has its own phone and e mail, both the e-mails as well as the numbers of the startup and the opener must be included.
  6. Attach a plan form for food safety management. You can obtain one by simply visiting a notary, or downloading it online.
  7. Proof of ownership of the premises must be attached if your startup or business is located in a particular area. You can provide evidence of the premise by attaching a sales deed or rent agreement, an electricity bill, or other documents that may be relevant to the startup.
  8. A national occupational classification, or a NOC issued by a municipality corporation or other local body is another document that you will need.
  9. A floor plan may be required for a kitchen that has been upgraded to a high standard. This does not apply for smaller kitchens and startups.
  10. The partnership deed should also be submitted if there are multiple owners of the restaurant or business. An Affidavit to Proprietorship is required if the business is located on another property.
  11. Each kitchen and every food business has its own unique selling point. Make sure you attach the list of food types along with all the documentation.
  12. It is also necessary to submit a list of all heavy kitchen equipment, if any. Particularly if the food business specializes in large-scale manufacturing.
  13. To ensure quality and hygiene, all employees and partners must have their medical certificates.
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For different types of food business, not all documents will be available. Some of the above documents will not be required by smaller startups. It is important to have all documents available for registration of the FSSAI license.

Once you have completed the FSSAI registration steps, verification will begin. If you check all boxes, you will receive your FSSAI certificate via your email.

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