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Hindustan Times says that “The Tomorrow War” is a competently put together entertainment that mainstream Hollywood sometimes does well. It’s a cousin to Fast and Furious movies, but it lacks the rewatchability of some of the franchise’s most popular entries.

Indian Express says that “The Tomorrow War” would have made a decent action movie, but that the script makes it a dull summer entertainment. The Tomorrow War’s alien design is the best thing about it. 

They look almost unstoppable killing machines, with more tentacles than can be handled by humans. However, even this sense of terror is diminished by inconsistency. At the beginning, no one can kill the grunts. By the end, however, they are eliminated with relative ease. It’s clear that this movie thinks it is smarter than it really is.

The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video does not only tell the story of man vs alien but also offers commentary on the sustainable future for humans.

Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War appears to be Chris McKay’s tribute to Independence Day 1996, its seminal film. The opening shots of The Tomorrow War show Dan Forester (Pratt), about to enter his home, where they are having a Halloween party. 

A blowup Halloween doll appears in the centre-frame as he walks along the porch. As if it were living, the inanimate object flails in the wind and tilts its head towards the camera. These few seconds can be enough to create a background for the story.

The world of 2022 is shocked to learn that humanity will be under severe threat within the next few decades due to an alien invasion. Humanity is rapidly slipping into extinction due to the constant struggle between man and beast. Future humans need public assistance. Through a process called “drafting”, eligible candidates can time travel to 2051 and fight aliens.

Dan joins the Force to try and alter the future so that he can provide for his family in the now.

The Tomorrow War is still on the horizon

The Tomorrow War uses screenplay to create a sense of urgency that drives our species towards extinction. McKay’s simple tale of evil vs good gives McKay a keen understanding of gender. The alien world is unstoppable, brutal, and, most importantly, hungry. Their ever-growing numbers make human beings fall prey to them literally. 

There is a whole sequence that explains how protective men are of their female counterparts and how they would risk their lives to keep them safe. The film does not show that females are timid. In fact, the film shows that the breeding female is one of the most fierce.

The scene is contrasted with Dan’s future daughter who complains about her father abandoning the family and never finding the time to care for them. Dan can’t imagine how he could do this, as much as he wants to.

The Tomorrow War is still on the horizon

McKay uses aliens to show the fractured state of humanity by describing them as an external unifying force. The struggle of the aliens to survive, even though it is wild, is never shown in an unfavorable light. Although audiences might expect a happy ending for the aliens, the creators have made the journey compelling. It is almost like watching an inter-species race until the end.

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Jennifer Alavez (visual effects), and Breanna Adams (visual effects) have created a villain worthy of their name. These unforgiving and grotesque creatures are intended to provoke revulsion. Adams and her team manage to activate a tingling feeling of empathy with the beast from an alien-eats-man world.

The Tomorrow War tells the story about privilege through the ongoing battle. The aliens take center stage in a world where humans are the dominant power, which then leads to the struggle between the haves, and the have-nots.

Pratt’s wide-eyed, smouldering eyes may get repetitive after a while but his intentions are solid. He presents Dan as a man who is trying desperately to keep his family and everything he believes in.

Chris Pratt, still from The Tomorrow War

The film highlights the importance of high school teachers in shaping minds and building blocks that will withstand such complete destruction.

The film questions man’s superiority in race, but also offers a happy resolution that will ensure goodwill and a sense of hope. The Tomorrow War deserves to be seen, provided that we avoid the mushy moments that can come off as corny.

The Tomorrow War can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

This popcorn feast, hosted by Chris Pratt, is packed with action but lacks creativity.

Sci-fi action film featuring aliensThe Tomorrow WarExists alongside a slew of similar films, including genre classics like Ridley Scott’sAlienJames Cameron’sAliensBlockbuster blockbusters of today likeThe Independence DayAndEdge of TomorrowThis film has more in common than the word “tomorrow” with.The Tomorrow WarA similar premise has been proposed. In 2022, soldiers from 2051 arrive in the United States to warn the public about an alien invasion that will soon wipe out the human race.

Director: Chris McKay

Cast: Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski. J. K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin. Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge.

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

The world’s governments (read America) send people to the future in a seven-day window to combat the Sisyphean War, which has a 30% survival chance. Although we don’t see the threat, the stakes are high and there is a pleasant undercurrent tension in the film’s first 30 minutes. 

High-tension drama about humans set in a world at the brink of madness makes for an interesting first act. The opening act features Dan Forester (Chris Pratt), a veteran of the Iraq War and a biology teacher.

One of his students asks: “What’s point of school, grades, or college?” The play is enhanced by the relationship Dan has with his daughter Betty Gilpin (JK Simmons), and his estranged father (JK Simmons). However, it’s possible to see the healing of the father-son dynamic from miles away.

Dan is, as expected, drafted and sent almost immediately to his precarious future, without any preparation. It is a great advantage to have his military training. 

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You can expect the stakes will only increase when Dan and his friends, Charlie (the funny Sam Richardson) and Dorian (the stoic Edwin Hodge), land in an unassigned remote location. Surprisingly it works in the opposite direction. The danger and threat are reduced to a trickle the more we are exposed the the obnoxious future.

Blockbuster status is a significant impediment that makes it difficult to operate in a family-friendly area and, in turn, limits its potential. For example, take the first sighting of whitespikes. It is a well-constructed sequence, built on anticipation and quietness. 

Similar to the anxiety-inducing stretch, it is also similar.AliensThe crew investigates the dark interiors of a deserted colony in outer space before aliens strike. WhatThe Tomorrow WarThe ominous mood is what the film lacks. Although the scene is filled with graphic details, there’s no need to be afraid or anxious when it suddenly turns into action. 

The strongest link in this film is the action sequences.Chris McKayDirectorial.It is a striking set-piece set in an apocalyptic Miami. Lorne Balfe’s pulsing score gives it a polished look. It is a sequence where everything–music, writing, and cinematography–comes together wonderfully.

The greatest deterrent is inThe Tomorrow WarIt reduces the creatures to disposable CG objects. Despite their intimidating appearance and power (they release sharp objects with their tentacles), the whitespikes never surpass the generic monster armies.Suicide SquadOr theAvengers: Infinity WarFilms. They would have been half as scary as the aliens from the original.Alientrilogy,The Tomorrow WarYou might be a sci-fi hero for all time.

Although Dan discovers that Colonel Muri Forester (Yvonne Strahovski), is his future daughter, it adds a depth to the otherwise shaky story. The screenplay can provide some relief from all the noise due to the bizarre, time-bending father/daughter relationship.

These are the bits that I lovedThe Tomorrow WarThose that demonstrate self-awareness are the best. Things get personal between Dan Forester (and a whitespike) during a refreshing climactic battle–whose glacier setting adds realness to the action. He says a word that will be mocked later. This is a sign that the film doesn’t get too serious, but it’s also a sign the screenplay overwhelms us with heightened hysteria.


Review of The Tomorrow War: Chris Pratt’s review in Amazon Prime Video’s latest film. (AP)HOLLYWOOD

Chris Pratt gets one helluva hero’s entry in The Tomorrow War, a very expensive-looking sci-fi action film that Amazon Prime Video reportedly purchased for a sum so whopping that it could’ve funded at least a dozen Eid extravaganzas starring Salman Khan. Bhai should pay attention to how Pratt is introduced in this film. It’s almost as absurd as his entry shot in Radhe and sets the tone for the rest.

The Tomorrow War is a competently assembled entertainment that mainstream Hollywood sometimes does well. It’s a cousin to the Fast and Furious films, but it lacks the rewatchability of some of the franchise’s most popular entries.

However, it is a timely throwback to the action blockbusters of the 90s that flooded the summer market every year — films like Independence Day and Armageddon. It is a sign of the times that something that used to draw large audiences to theatres back in the days is now streaming directly to our homes.

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It is a signal from The Tomorrow War that kicks The Tomorrow War into gear. Time travellers emerge from a wormhole to interrupt the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. This is a blatant attempt to attract international viewers. The World Cup final is viewed by over a billion people. You almost wonder if future humans would have waited for the final to appear.

Because they are sending out bad news that is sensitive to time. Humankind is now facing the possibility of being invaded by aliens in the future. The only way to survive is to recruit people from the past who will fight for their cause. 

Chris Pratt’s unique set of skills is crucial here. Contrary to the majority of draftees Dan Forester, Pratt’s character, actually has combat experience. He agrees to go to war but must also make the difficult decision of saying goodbye to his daughter.

It is a metaphor that describes leaving behind a better future for future generations and undoing the damage (almost irreversible!) done by older generations.

After the movie has finished playing its cards, it moves into the make-or break zone. You might wonder (very appropriately) what the point is of sending aunties and uncles in middle age to fight alien killers. Some might be confused about the time travel elements. The film answers this question in a throwaway scene, with a little shrug. 

The Tomorrow War is not intended for people who stop to ask these questions. It’s expected that you just accept it. To make things better, the film introduces a comic relief audience character (played by Sam Richardson). His sole purpose is to predict your thoughts and repeat them.

The Tomorrow War marks the live-action directorial debut of Chris McKay, who previously directed the fabulous The Lego Batman Movie. Here, he retains his self-aware sense and humour. Although the winks may not be as self-aware as in Joss Whedon movies, they are there.

There is also room for a subplot that involves three generations of Forester families. Although you can see the big reveal from a distance, McKay & Pratt play it as though they know that they won’t be able to hoodwink their audience. This dramatic through-line is only serviceable at best.

The Tomorrow War, and any other film about humanity’s final stand against alien invaders, is a fun movie. The action sequences are well-filmed with clear-eyed vision. Although they look a bit generic, the space aliens, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s favorite term, are very well-recreated. They are presented in wide daylight via shots that actually linger, and the film doesn’t feel the need for rapid-fire editing to hide them.

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Although The Tomorrow War may not be Edge of Tomorrow, it is one of the most important films of this sensibility and size released in the past decade. However, it feels a lot like its star: goofy, funny, and eager to please, despite all its flaws. Do not burst its bubble.

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