Examples of Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense:-

The present continuous form of the tense is made with the subject and the present particle (-ing), of the main verb. It is then combined with the present continuous state of the verb to be: am. is. are. This tense can be illustrated by the following: He swims. … This verb tense can also be used in the following forms: I am singing at church this morning.

Formula of Present Continuous Tense:

The formula is :- ‘be’ verb [am, is, are…] + present participle.

Examples of the Present Continuous Tense:-

These are some basic examples of the continuous present tense. Each sentence’s verb tense is highlighted.

  1. He is crying.
  2. She is talking to her friend.
  3. The child is sleeping in his crib.
  4. We are visiting the museum in the afternoon.

You can use present continuous tense to express what is happening right now, or something that isn’t happening right now. This usage is illustrated by:-

  1. He is not eating.
  2. He is sitting in the chair.
  3. You are not watching TV.
  4. Rose is reading a comics.
  5. She is not going to the party tonight.
  6. He is meeting his best friends after school.
  7. Are you visiting your uncle this weekend?
  8. You are not going to the meeting after work.
  9. Ram is playing cricket today.
  10. She is making rice now.
  11. He is eating dinner right now.
  12. Is she hungry?
  13. Are you listening to the teacher?
  14. Are you coming?
  15. He and She are always fighting.
  16. Shopping online is growing in popularity nowadays.
  17. Are you learning the English language.
  18. She is suffering from fever.
  19. you are doing great work.
  20. He is learning to play the cricket.
  21. They are going on the tour during weekend.
  22. Children are playing on the roof.
  23. You are living in L.A. for one year.
  24. They are listening to satsang.
  25. Sachin is singing a romantic song.
  26. am eating  vegetables.
  27. They are playing cricket in the playground.
  28. We are going to school in the morning.
  29. The teacher is teaching in the classroom.
  30. He is watching a horror movie.
  31. Tony is reading a book .
  32. The sun is shining in the afternoon.
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The Importance of Present Continuous Tense:-

The English grammar uses the present continuous tense most often to describe an ongoing action or unfinished task. This sentence structure is simple and can be used to show events or actions that are occurring right now, in the future or in the past.

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