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EVS – Environmental Studies

What is EVS

EVS [Enviromental Studies]

EVS stands for Environmental Studies. It is, as the name implies, the.Study of the Environment that refers to the surrounding environment in which we live. All that is necessary for humans to survive, directly or indirectly, are called the components of the environment. These components can include living organisms such as animals or plants. They can also be non-living, such as soil, water, and air. Living components are able to interact with their environment and adapt to it.

EVS is taught in schools as a subject, but it can also be taught at higher education. It is used to solve everyday problems that are related to the environment and its components.

It is generally taught in primary schools starting at 1stUp to 5ThIt is a standard. It is then included in Science. It can be said that it is aScientific study of the EnvironmentStudents are able to specialize in subjects and issues related the the natural environment and the relationship with people.

EVS encompasses not only the biological or physical characteristics of the environment, but also the socio-cultural and other factors that impact the environment. It is multidisciplinary academic field that examines human interaction with the environment systemically. It also considers the relationship between the built and natural environment. It is a wide field of study that offers many degree programs in environmental studies, including bachelor’s and master’s.

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Environmental Studies are important:

  1. It encourages sustainable living.
  2. It allows us to understand how animals behave in a natural environment.
  3. It helps to identify environmental problems and educate the public about them.
  4. It allows you to make use of natural resources without causing harm to the environment.
  5. This allows you to educate people about the importance of conserving the environment.

EVS Subjects:

The EVS subjects include subjects that are related to ecology and environment science.

  1. Geography
  2. Ethics
  3. Anthropology
  4. Policy
  5. Politics
  6. Urban Planning
  7. Pollution Control
  8. Natural Resource Management

EVS Courses:

EVS offers many courses, such as:

  1. Certificate Courses in Environmental Science
  2. Environmental Science Diploma
  3. Sc. in Environmental Science
  4. Bachelor of Environmental Management
  5. Sc. Environment Management and other related fields.
  6. D in Earth Science
  7. D in Environmental Science and More

Eligibility to take EVS courses

  1. Students must pass the 10+2 exam, with biology as one subject, to be eligible for undergraduate courses.
  2. Students must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in science for post-graduate studies

There are many career options for environmental studies:

These are some of the most popular jobs for EVS students:

  1. Environmental Scientist
  2. Environmental Consultant
  3. Wildlife and environmental photographers
  4. Lecturer
  5. Wildlife Film-maker
  6. Environment Journalist
  7. Director, Waste Management

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