Eta Definition & Meaning with Example

Definition of ’eta’

Eta” is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.

abbreviation “Eta”

  1. Estimated Time of Arrival
  2. Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (a Basque separatist group)
  3. Estimated Time Available (in computing or data processing)

sentence examples using “eta”:

  1. Greek Alphabet:
    • In the Greek alphabet, “eta” is the seventh letter.
  2. Estimated Time of Arrival:
    • The ship’s eta at the harbor is 9:00 AM tomorrow.
    • I’m leaving home now, and my eta at the office is 20 minutes.
  3. Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA):
    • The government has been involved in peace negotiations with ETA to end the conflict.
    • ETA’s terrorist activities have caused significant unrest in the region.
  4. Estimated Time Available (Computing):
    • The download should be complete within 5 minutes; the eta is displayed on the screen.
    • The software update is expected to finish shortly, but the eta might change depending on the internet speed.
  5. Spanish Interjection “¡Eta!”:
    • ¡Eta! Casi me caigo. (English: Oops! I almost fell.)
  6. Weather “Eta“:
    • Hurricane Eta is expected to make landfall tomorrow along the Gulf Coast.
  7. Physics (η, eta):
    • In fluid mechanics, “eta” (η) represents the dynamic viscosity of a fluid.
  8. Engineering (ETA):
    • The engineer calculated the ETA for the construction project, factoring in possible delays.
  9. Greek Mythology:
    • Eta Aquariids is a meteor shower named after the star Eta Aquarii in the constellation Aquarius.

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