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Man is always busy in this age of worries and materialism. After his day’s rat race, he wants to relax and restore himself and soothe his taut nerves. His life will become dull and can lead to him becoming peevish.William Davies is saddened by this. man’s life in this way.How is it possible to live a life full of caring?

We have no time to stand and stare.” William Davies

Ordinary remedies prescribed for the avoidance from worry and mental overstrain fall into two broad categories — gaiety and retreat. Each of these remedies is intended to give rest to tired brain parts. The first is active recreation, while the second passive repose.There is another way to achieve the same goal, but it's not within the reach of either. It is done by using the remaining parts of the mind — those other than the tired ones. The restoration of old buildings is referred to as a hobby.Hobbies are work we do outside of our job. It is not to make money, but for leisure and relaxation. You can use it for an array of purposes. Alternate occupations available to the brain-worker in order to restore his psychic balance.

Sir Winston Churchill defines hobby as “alternative mental activities.”

People have different interests and hobbies. Men can only enjoy hobbies such as boating, fishing and small games. The majority of hobbies such as needlework and knitting are taken up by women. Women can also pursue hobby interests such as photography, stamp collecting, painting, woodcarving, image collecting, collecting coins, or stamp collecting.

Hobbies are personal interests that are pursued more alone than with others. This is because they can vary according to individual tastes, temperaments, the nature of their occupation, resources, and other factors.Winston Churchill was a painter. Lord Salisbury’s hobby lay in the chemical laboratory, Einstein’s hobby was to play upon the Violin; while Bernard Shaw was immensely delighted in growing vegetables.Stamp collecting is my hobby.

This hobby started when I was in my teenage years. Once, when I was ten years old, I happened to see an album of stamps with my elder brother’s bosom friend. It was an urge that inspired me, and I started to collect stamps. But I didn’t know how to classify and categorize them. He helped me arrange them in a systematic way. It has been my passion since then.

It is regarded as a costly hobby by some because they believe that most of it can be used to purchase stamps. You will be surprised to learn that I have not spent one penny on buying a stamp. My dad works for the Embassy. My father sends me stamps from various countries on different occasions. One of my uncles is from Great Britain. I keep getting stamps from different countries. One time, he gave me an entire album of stamps as a birthday gift. Three times since then I've added to the album.The postman from our colony is a friend to me.

I am always given a rare and new stamp whenever it is released. Now, I have two thousand stamps in my collections, from various countries at different times.Each country has ten pages. I have organized the stamps countrywise, datewise, monthwise, and yearwise. To regain my enthusiasm after returning to college, I spend an entire hour organizing the stamps.

All tiredness of the day’s work vanishes and I feel refreshed and recharged, delighted and elated when I am in the company of my stamps.With whom I trade stamps, I have a pen pal all around the globe. They ask me curious questions about the countries they live in which has greatly enriched my knowledge. The cultures, traditions and customs of different nations have helped me to understand their culture.

I've learned about the history and geography in many different countries.Surfing the web is another way I use to search for information on stamps from different countries. I also learn more about stamp collecting by surfing the internet. Web surfing also allows me to discover more stamps which can add value to my collection.I am able to access a wealth of knowledge and information through my stamps. You can learn about the past of ancient peoples, nations, and traditions.

I hear their stories about old people, old nations, and even old places. It is easy to see how nations have changed over time. It is easy to see the rise and fall of countries around the globe. It is easy to see the sacrifices that different countries made for freedom.Stamp collecting can be summarized as: cheap still royal hobby. It's an educative, informative, and re-creative hobby. I find it stimulating and instructive as well as a hobby that inspires. I am always in touch

The whole of the world. Enjoy the company of poets and great writers. Playwrights, story-writers. I receive information, entertainment, education, and Instructions remained at home and I did not move from my seat. It is all I remember. When I'm with my stamps, all worries and cares of the world are forgotten. 

An Essay about My Hobby for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay On My Hobby

Hobbies play a very important role in our lives. They keep us busy and can make us smile. Hobbies are our escape from the real world that makes us forget our worries. Aside from making our lives more interesting, and even more enjoyable. It is clear that all of us have a role in making our lives more enjoyable. hobbies are very useful for us. You learn a lot about various topics. You can also learn more from them.

A Hobby is a great way to make money.

In today’s fast and competitive world, we often get time for ourselves. Our lives become very monotonous and dull over time. To keep our mind active and fresh, we must find something to do in the middle. What’s better than a hobby for this? It is an excellent stress reliever. This hobby is enjoyable and fills your soul.

Essay on My Hobby

 In other words: Without a hobby, life is dull and boring. Hobbies are a wonderful way to get away from the stresses of life and have fun. You can explore your interests and discover the potential of yourself.Hobbies can provide additional income. If you enjoy painting, selling your artwork can make you extra cash. If you are a good dancer, it is possible to teach classes on vacation. You can make your hobby both spiritually and financially rewarding.Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

My favorite hobby

If I had to choose one favorite, it would be this: hobby Out of all the options, gardening is my favorite. When I was young, I discovered a passion for dance. My parents were convinced that my feet could move to the beat of the music and I was born a dancer. Dancing is both very therapeutic and economically rewarding.Music and dancing have been a passion of mine since childhood.

But I didn't realize the joy these two things bring people. Dancing gives us a lot of exercises. This teaches you to move your body in a rhythmic way and feels the beat of each song. This type of exercise can be very enjoyable and delightful.Dance taught me to be strong, and how I could push myself beyond my limits. I have had many injuries while dancing, too many bruises and cuts but that didn’t stop me from pursuing it further.

It actually pushes you to be your best self and helps you realize your potential.Because I want to make dancing my profession, I have signed up for classes. It is important that we do what we love. People are always running for money. They give up their preferences and likes. I learned from this race, and have decided to stop participating in it. I wish to take the road less traveled by and take on challenges most people don’t dare to.Dancing is my passion and makes me feel healthy. This is what I most look forward to. So, my dream is to be a professional ballet dancer. I also want to help people make a career out of their hobby.

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