Epiphany: Meaning, Definition, Usage In English Sentences, Pronunciation

Epiphany Definition

An “epiphany” is like a light bulb moment in your mind. It’s when you suddenly understand something deeply, and it feels like a big “aha!” You realize something important that you might not have seen before.

Epiphany Meaning

An “epiphany” is a sudden and profound realization or understanding that often brings clarity, insight, or a new perspective.

It’s a moment of enlightenment where something becomes clear or obvious, leading to a deeper understanding of a situation, concept, or truth. Epiphanies can be personal or transformative, and they often have a significant impact on one’s thoughts, feelings, or actions.


  1. Personal Realization:
    • After struggling with a difficult math problem for hours, I had an epiphany and finally understood the solution.
    • During my walk, I had an epiphany about my career path and realized I should pursue my passion for writing.
  2. Understanding a Situation:
    • While reflecting on the argument, I had an epiphany that my friend’s frustration was due to a misunderstanding.
    • Watching the documentary gave me an epiphany about the impact of climate change on our planet’s future.
  3. Creative Insight:
    • As I stared at the blank canvas, I had an epiphany about the painting I wanted to create, and the ideas flowed effortlessly.
    • The songwriter experienced an epiphany while sitting by the river, which inspired the lyrics of the hit song.
  4. Changing Perspective:
    • After talking to someone with a different viewpoint, I had an epiphany that helped me see the issue from a new angle.
    • Reading the book triggered an epiphany that shifted my thoughts about the importance of empathy.
  5. Revelation of Truth:
    • The detective had an epiphany that led to the breakthrough in the case, uncovering the real culprit.
    • During the lecture, I had an epiphany about the connection between history and current events.

These examples highlight moments of realization, insight, and understanding that characterize an epiphany. It’s a sudden and often transformative experience that sheds light on various aspects of life.

Usage In English Sentences

  1. After struggling to solve the puzzle, she had an epiphany and suddenly saw the pattern that had eluded her for so long.
  2. During a quiet moment of reflection, he had an epiphany about the importance of cherishing the present rather than worrying about the future.
  3. Sarah’s conversation with a stranger sparked an epiphany that changed her perspective on social issues and led her to become an advocate for change.
  4. The movie’s powerful ending brought about an emotional epiphany for the main character, leading to a profound change in his outlook on life.
  5. As the sun set over the mountains, I had an epiphany about the beauty and simplicity of nature’s wonders.
  6. The scientist’s experiment didn’t go as planned, but the unexpected results led to an exciting epiphany that opened new avenues of research.
  7. Talking to his grandparents about their experiences during historical events gave him an epiphany about the importance of preserving oral history.
  8. In the midst of her travels, she had an epiphany about the richness of cultures around the world and the value of embracing diversity.
  9. The author experienced an epiphany while staring at a blank page, realizing the central theme that would drive the narrative of her novel.
  10. After years of feeling lost, she had an epiphany during a meditation session that helped her find clarity and purpose in her life.


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