Endeavour – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms

Endeavour – Definition:

  1. Verb: To make a sincere and determined effort to achieve a goal or to accomplish a task.
  2. Noun: A diligent and earnest attempt or effort to achieve something.

Endeavour – Meaning: “Endeavour” is a strong and purposeful word that denotes the act of striving towards a particular objective with dedication, persistence, and enthusiasm. It implies a willingness to work hard and overcome challenges in pursuit of success or the desired outcome. Endeavoring is about taking initiative and displaying a strong sense of determination to reach a goal.

Synonyms of “Endeavour”:

  1. Strive: To make a great effort or struggle to achieve something.
  2. Attempt: To try or make an effort to accomplish a task or goal.
  3. Aspire: To have a strong desire or ambition to achieve something.
  4. Seek: To actively look for or try to obtain something.
  5. Undertake: To take on or commence a task with determination.
  6. Pursue: To follow or chase after something with persistence.
  7. Work: To exert effort and labor towards a specific objective.
  8. Labor: To work hard and diligently to achieve a goal.
  9. Push: To exert pressure or effort in order to accomplish something.
  10. Struggle: To engage in a challenging and determined effort to achieve success.

“Endeavour” is a word that conveys the spirit of determination, ambition, and perseverance in the pursuit of a goal, making it an essential part of self-motivation and progress in various aspects of life.

Endeavour sentence example:-

  • He decided to endeavour on a challenging solo hike through the rugged mountains.
  • Despite facing numerous obstacles, she continued to endeavour in her quest to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • The team showed great determination and worked together to endeavour in creating a groundbreaking innovation.
  • In his speech, the motivational speaker encouraged the audience to never give up and always endeavour to achieve their dreams.
  • She will endeavour to finish the project ahead of the deadline, even if it means putting in extra hours.
  • Despite the setbacks, the researchers remained steadfast in their endeavour to find a cure for the rare disease.
  • As an athlete, he always pushed himself to the limit and endeavored to break his personal records.
  • The young artist’s creativity knew no bounds as she endeavoured to express her emotions through her artwork.
  • With a positive attitude and unwavering determination, he endeavours to overcome any challenges that come his way.
  • The dedicated volunteers tirelessly endeavoured to provide aid and support to the victims of the natural disaster.

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