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This question is complex and will depend on the program chosen. After completing the B.A., students will be ready for work with a transformative education experience. Tech Degree. Adamas University’s Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has created multiple rationalized programs that address the current needs of society. Let’s see how an ECE student goes about his/her journey since its inception.

First, Electronics & Communication Engineering, as I like to call it, is a branch that studies the science of electrons. It covers a wide variety of applications such as television, radio, computers, telecommunications, etc. These make life more enjoyable and easier. ECE is the backbone of modern communication systems. It rules everything from rocket science to telecommunications. Modern applications such as the Internet of things (IOT), Robotics and embedded systems are heavily dependent on ECE knowledge. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our day without devices or elements connected with electronics and communications engineering. It is difficult, for example, to live even one day without a mobile phone or television.

To help you understand, let me give you a small example of how Electronics & Communication Engineering relates to the current situation:

High speed switching devices can be made using nanotechnology. The evolution from Intel Pentium 1 processors to the most recent core i7 processors is possible only because of the need for high speed and microarchitecture. These parts are used to make various computing devices such as smart watches, laptops and smart phones. Once the information is sent via wireless medium, the communication process is complete.

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All these factors are important to remember because we want our B Tech curriculum to be directly linked to emerging technologies that will lead to Industry 4.0.

The Department provided a collaborative environment for the free exchange and development of ideas. This allowed students to be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial.

Story Board of ECE Department

A regular B can be chosen by the student. Tech degree in ECE, with a duration of four years. The department also offers a B Tech (Hons.). Programs are designed to provide students with specialized subjects in different areas. They also offer Project Based Learning in large ticket areas such as Autonomous Electrical Vehicles and Aerial Robotics.

ECE Engineers have the responsibility to develop innovative solutions for modern society. To do this, students need to improve their technical skills and knowledge in order to be able to succeed in an engineering career that demands adaptability and specialist skills. The four-year program provides a comprehensive education in ECE and specialist knowledge in areas such as Robotics, Embedded Systems, and Internet of Things. Graduates will have a solid understanding of engineering as well as a variety of practical skills, which will allow them to be ready for work.

The rapid growth of “Internet of Things”, as we all know, is changing our modern age. This embedded system plays a significant role because of its unique features, such as real-time computing, low power consumption and low maintenance. Today’s world is looking for smart cities, smart homes, and smart health care systems that use the internet of things.

Robotics, which is the study of designing and applying robots, is also a very important field. Robots are being used in many areas today, including industrial manufacturing, nuclear science and defence system. In fact, in this lockdown situation, social distancing may be required. Robots are needed to sanitize, monitor the city, and help doctors.

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.Amazon created the voice-controlled robot “Alexa”, which is now very popular in everyday life. We can connect other appliances to the Internet of Things by using this device via the mobile Alexa app.

Today, IoT and robotics knowledge is in high demand.

All these points are important to remember. The department of ECE introduced two new generation B. Tech+ courses in addition to the regular course.

A third-year student may choose from two different specializations. It is possible to choose a different specialization. It is strongly recommended that one person study a specialized path in order to be able to work in frontline positions.

Option1 Students can choose to study B. Tech in ECE (Regular Programme) and Diploma in Management (offered at School of Business and Economics).B. B.. This program will open up job opportunities in the service, manufacturing, logistic, and automotive industries for students who have completed it successfully. Students who choose to complete a two-year MBA program will have an advantage over students with a regular (regular) degree. If someone is interested in starting a Start-up, they can use their management and tech knowledge.

Option 2: Students can choose to apply for admission while they are still in school.Study B. Tech regular program for Minors (from other relevant departments/domains).

There are three areas that can be considered (everyone has the option to choose from):

  • Minor in CSE (Offered By Computer Science and Engineering Dept. ):Students are eager to work in various industries after completing this program.
  • A minor in biotechnology offered by School of Life Science and BiotechnologyThere is a huge demand for students in many industries, including food and drink, medicine, bioproducts, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. There are many career opportunities in this field, including positions as a medical researcher, software developer, or database manager.
  • Minor in Production Management (Offered By Mechanical Engineering Dept. ):ECE students can apply the concepts of Production & Management to minor programs in Production Management. This program offers plenty of opportunities to put into practice a mixture of engineering knowledge and managerial skills. A Production Management graduate can find work in many sectors, including heavy machinery, refineries, paper industry, automobile industry, and other areas.
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Optional add-On coursesECE students can also choose from other options.Some Add-On Courses like Beautiful Mind Program /Club Activities etc. Along with their core program.

I am able to say that I have built a diverse and rewarding career since graduating from higher secondary school, B. ECE tech is a promising career option that allows students to choose multidisciplinary careers. The most important aspect is time management. Keep in mind that the B. Tech+ courses are designed so it can be completed in 4 years.

N.B.Additional certificate to accompany the regular B.Tech. Students who choose to take any of the Specializations, Minors, or Diploma programs will receive a certificate.

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