Download Last Pay Certificate for All Employees

Download the last pay certificate for all employees: If you are an employee, then you will know about the last pay certificate.

This certificate is essential after the transfer of an employee.

Without this, the salary cannot be given in a new place. The last pay certificate for state govt employees or teachers can be downloaded from here.

We have given here its download link in pdf and Word format.

What is Last Pay Certificate (LPC)

When an employee is transferred from one place to another, a certificate is given along with the salary allowance drawn by the employee and the details of the deduction from his salary. It is called the Last Pay Certificate (LPC). It is prepared in 4 copies.

How to Fill Last Pay Certificate Application Form?

First of all, download the final salary certificate through the given link. After that, print this form. Now fill in the office name, department name, and last salary payment date. Along with this, fill in the full details of the last salary payment. Please mention the employee ID in the application form.

How to Apply for Last Pay Certificate?

First of all, go to the department’s office where the employee is and fill the prescribed form and submit it. The officer will issue the final salary certificate to you after examining your application.

The complete information about how to download the last pay certificate for all employees in pdf and word format is given in this post. If you face any problem in downloading the application form, you can tell in the comment box below. We will help you. Thank you!

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