Creed: Definition, Meaning, Examples, usage in sentences

Creed Definition

“Creed” means a special set of beliefs that a person or a group of people have. These beliefs usually have to do with religion or important life values. It’s like a list of what they think is really true and important.

Creed Meaning

“Creed” refers to a set of beliefs, principles, or guiding values that form the foundation of someone’s or a group’s faith, religion, or philosophy.

It’s a formal statement or expression of religious or spiritual beliefs, often outlining the key tenets that individuals or communities adhere to. A creed helps define what someone or a group believes in and provides a framework for their moral and spiritual outlook.


  1. The new employee respected the company’s creed of honesty and integrity in all business dealings.
  2. The school’s creed emphasized the values of kindness, respect, and lifelong learning.
  3. The athlete’s personal creed included hard work, dedication, and never giving up.
  4. The religious community recited their creed during their worship services to affirm their shared beliefs.
  5. The political candidate outlined his creed of equality, justice, and freedom in his campaign speech.

usage in sentences

  1. The organization’s creed promotes equality and unity among its members, regardless of their backgrounds.
  2. His personal creed is centered around the importance of family, honesty, and compassion.
  3. The school’s creed emphasizes the values of respect, responsibility, and empathy towards others.
  4. The community center’s creed focuses on fostering a sense of belonging and cooperation among residents.
  5. The religious leader delivered a sermon that highlighted the core principles of their faith as outlined in their creed.

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