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This is the Tamil Nadu Government’s latest portal that will allow citizens of Tamil Nadu register their birth, death, marriage, Chit Fund, firm registration, and other information. It means that people in Tamil Nadu no longer have to go to different government offices to register, which was tedious and time-consuming earlier.

This article will cover everything you need to know about this portal, including how to register for all the services the Tnreginet portal offers, how to apply for EC and how to check your application’s status.

Overview of Tnreginet registration

Scheme NameRegister for Tnreginet
Launched byDepartment of Registration, Tamil Nadu
BenefeciariesTamil Nadu Resident
ModeOnline Mode
BenefitsIt will be easy
Full NameInspector General of Registration

Portal offers a variety of services

Tnreginet Registration
  • Online Application for Marriage Certificates
  • You can check your EC status online
  • Online Application for Society Certificate
  • Online Application for an Encumbrance Certificate
  • Online certified documents
  • Register for Birth, Death and Marriage.
  • Online Registration for Letter Documents
  • Know your jurisdiction
  • Society Documents Online
  • Guide Line Value Search
  • Citizen Registeration Procedure
  • Society Search
  • Stamp Vendor Search
  • Online Status Check for Documents
  • Calculation of Stamp Duty
  • Tamil Nadu Property Registry
  • Certificate for Online Encumbrance

Register at in 2021 Registration Process

We have provided the entire procedure for registering yourself at tnreginet. Follow the steps to register.

Step 1 –First, visit the official site. To visit the website directly click hereLink.

Step 2 –You can find many options once you land on the homepage of tnreginet.

Step 3 –You will also see the option “Register as a UserClick on ” to open a registration form.

At Portal

Step 4 –You will now need to fill out the form. After that, you will be sent an OTP.

Step 5thKeep these details safe and you are done.

How to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate at Tnreginet

This is a simple and easy way to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate.

Step 1 –The first thing to do is go to the official portal website. You can find it directly by clicking the link we provided.

Step 2ndNext, you will need to log in with your user id (and password) that you created earlier.

Step 3 –You will find the Encumbrance certificate and below it you will see an option to apply online.

Step 4 –The EC Application Form will now be displayed on the screen. Fill it out and upload any required documents.

Step 5thNow click the submit button to complete the form. Keep the hard copy for future reference.

This is how to search for an Encumbrance Certificate Tnreginet

This is how you can search for Encumbrance Certificate at Tnreginet

Step 1 –With the help of the link, first go to the official

Step 2 –You will then see the option “EncumbranceBelow that you will see “Certificate”Search EC“.

Step 3 –Click on the option to open a form with various questions.

Step 4 –Fill in all required information and hit the search button. EC will appear on your screen.

How to check the status of any document

Step 1 –Visit the official website of Tnreginet.

Step 2ndYou can now see the “Check Your Application StatusOnce you click that, a drow list will open and you’ll need to click on it.My Document“.

Step 3 –You can now choose your Pending Number or Temporary Deed number, and Registration Number.

Step 4 –Click on the Search option, and you will see the status of your document.

How to locate different documents

If you have already login with the details so now you have to follow the process below and you can find your documents and also first step is same for all the documents so we will skip that part from the second document.

Search for Birth and Death Documents

Find Birth and Death Document

* To begin, you must visit the portal’s homepage and click on the “More!” option in the menu bar.

* Click on “Next” to continue.Birth and death

* A form will now appear on your screen. Fill in all required details and hit the saerch button. Your document will be displayed on your screen.

Locate Chit Fund Document

Find Chit Fund Document

* You will find the “” drop-down menu.Chit Fund

* Click on the option to open a form.

* Complete all fields.

Simply hit the search button to bring up your form.

Locate Firm Document

Find Firm Document

* You can also find “Firm

* Click on the option to open a form.

* Complete all fields and hit the Search button to view your document.

Search for Marriage Document


* The drop-down menu will show the option “Wedding“.

* Next, select the Marriage type.

* Next, the marriage certificate will be displayed on your screen.

Find Stamp Vendor Document

* Click on the drop-down menu to see “Stamp Seller

* Click on the Stamp Vendor option to open a form.

* Fill in all details and you will be able to see your document.

Author of documents

Document clerk

* Secect theDocument ClerkSelect ” from the drop-down menu.

* Complete all fields.

Click on the search button to see your document.

Search Society

Search Society
  • Visit the official Tnreginet website first.
  • You will see many options. Choose to search, then select “Society” from the drop-down menu.
  • You can also provide details such as the name of your society, district and sequence number, DRO name, code and year of registration.
  • Finally, click on the search button to see all of your information.

Duty and Fees

Duty & Fees
  • Visit the official website to find out more about Duty & Fees.
  • The option “” can be found on the homepage.Continue readingClick on this.
  • A drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Click on the ““Duty & Fees”Option.
  • There will be many options available to you, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
    • Stamp duty and registration fee
    • For one survey number, there are fees for obtaining an encumbrance certification
    • Certified copies are subject to fees
    • Hindu Marriage Registration Fee
    • Honoraria for Document Writers
    • Tamilnadu marriage registration fee
    • Special Marriage Registration Fee
    • The fee for Christian marriage registration
    • Registration for birth and death is subject to a fee
    • Registration fee for a firm
    • Registration fee for Chit funds
    • Registration fee for society
  • Click on the search button to view the information.
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Utility forms

Utility Forms
  • Visit the official website first. Click on the “More!” option.
  • The drop-down menu will open, and you’ll need to click on “Portal Utility Services”.
  • Next, select “Public Utility form”
  • Then, the list of all forms will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the form that you wish to download, and then follow the link to download it.

How to Find Guidelines Tnreginet

* All you have to do is visit the portal’s homepage.

* There is an option called “” in the navigation bar.Guideline Search

* Click on the appropriate option to select the guideline that you wish to search for.

How to Know Your Jurisdiction

  • You have now visited the homepage.
  • Click on the button “Continue reading
  • The drop-down menu will open, and you’ll need to click the “Portal Utility Services
  • Then click on “Know Your Jurisdiction
  • Next, enter a few details such as Street name or Village.
  • Then click on the Search option to display your results.

How to Calculate Building Value?

  • You will need to go back to the homepage.
  • You will see many options on your home. Clicking on one of them will take you to the “Calculating Building Value“.
  • A new page will then open. You will need to complete all details correctly.
  • Now click the submit button to finish.

How to Download the User Manual

img alt=”How to Download User Manual?” src=”×576.png”/>

User Manuals can be very helpful if you have any questions. Below we have provided the steps to download the manual.

  • You will first need to visit the official site in order to download the manual.
  • The home page will take you to the view section.“Help”Select the option from the menu bar.
  • Then, select the user manual option. A new page will open on your screen.
  • You will find many manuals on the next page. Now you need to search for what you are looking for.
  • You can also download the manual by clicking the link.

Rates for Tnreginet Stamp Duty 2021

EventsStamp Duty applicableRegister Fees for The Amount
Register your property7%1%
Gift Deed Registration7%1%
Register for Exchange Deeds7%1%
Register for a Mortgage1% of the loan amount1%
Selling agreement4% of the loan amount1%
Mortgage Possession4% of the loan amount1%
Cancellation ChargesRs. Rs.Rs. Rs.
Non-family members may also be entitled to Partition DeesSeparated shares: 4% of the property1%
General Power of Attorney for the sale of immovable propertyRs. 100Rs. Rs. 10,000 for property registration
A general power to attorney to sell movable properties & other propertyRs. 100Rs. Rs.
Settlement Deed (in Favor of Family Members1% sur la valeur de la propriété1%
Lease Deed (below 30-years)1% of the total rent, premium, fine, and other charges.1%
Register TrustRs. Rs.1.1% of the amount

How to Calculate Stamp Duty?

  • You can find the homepage on the official website.Verify Stamp Duty COllectionClick on the option.
  • Next, login using your username and password.
  • Simply fill out the details and click the submit button.
  • This procedure makes it easy to verify.

How to Find the User Guide

  • The first thing you need to is to visit the official website of Tnreginet that you can also do with the help of this link.
  • After you’ve landed on the homepage of the website, scroll down to find the description of views option.
  • Below the option Description, you will see the options user manual. Click on the option to enlarge it.
  • Click on the link to be redirected and you’ll find many options.
  • Then, select the certificate user guide you wish to use.
Birth Certificate copy request user manual

How to Find the Animal Certificate Viewing Details at Tnreginet Portal

How To Find The Animal Certificate Viewing Details At Tnreginet Portal
  • First, you need to visit the official website of the portal with the help of this link.
  • You will find many options on the website.
  • The navigation menu will then show an option called Electronic services. Click on it to open the menu.
  • Once you click on the option a drop-down menu will be open and once you click on that option a new drop-down menu will be open and you have to choose the option named viewing animal.
  • A new page will open on your screen. Fill out the form correctly, hit the search button, and you’ll be able see all details.

How to Identify Lens Detail View

  • First, use the link to visit the official site.
  • On the Tnreginet portal’s homepage, there are many options. Click on the “Continue reading” in the navigation bar
  • Once you click on the option, a drop-down menu will appear on the screen. There will be many options in front of your eyes.
  • You have to pick from all of them“Identify Lens Detail View”Once you click this option, a new page will open in front you.
  • Simply fill out the details and click the search button to view the details that you are looking for.
Identify Lens Detail View


How do I apply for the EC

VisitTnreginetOfficial Website -> Click the Apply link under Encumbrance Certificate -> Fill in all required information -> Submit the Form & Get the Copy.

How and where can I see the transaction status of my e-payment

 TnreginetE-services-> EPayment-> Payment Status
Follow the steps to view the transaction status.

From the Sub-Registrar’s OfficeCan I get registration detailsDirectly

Yes. You can quickly and easily get the registration details.

Is there a deadline? To edit the Abstract for Draft Creation document

You can still edit the document until it is processed by the back office.

Why is an encumbrance certificate important?

An encumbrance certification will allow you to access detailed information about transactions that have occurred in the past, which can help you determine the correct entitlement to the property. It is a good idea to have an encumbrance certification. It is possible to get one onlineTnreginet.

Where can I print the acknowledgement slip for electronic payments?

Answer.Click on the link below to print the acknowledgement card.

Is there a maximum amount that can charged to the Registrar’s Offices via POS Machine?

Answer.Maximum Rs.1000/-

Stamp duty concession: Who are you to be considered “family” when you avail it?

Stamp Act defines “family” as father, mother and husband. Note that the Stamp Duty Fee for Settlement, Release and Partition for family members is 1% (maximum Rs.25,000). The registration fee is also subject to 1% (maximum Rs.4000).

Where can I find the status of the amount that was paid in the event of an acknowledgment slip indicating the amount that was withdrawn from my bank account using the electronic payment system?

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Follow these steps to verify the transaction status of an amount you have paid electronically: Electronic Services> Payment Details> Payment Status

Where can I find the status of my electronic payment method transaction?

Answer.To check the transaction status, follow the below steps: Electronic Services> Electronic Payment Details> Payment Status

What does it mean to use “add details from a previous provisional document”?

Answer.This software can be used for copying property and party details from a temporary document.

What length can a document be edited during document creation/draft document summary?

Answer.You can modify the document until it is submitted to the office.

Is it possible to print the document using the summary of the draft document in the application?

Answer.The summary of the draft document cannot be printed.

What date will these processes, such as stamp paper description and ID card booking, be possible (can be used during the summary of the draft document)?

Answer.After the summary of the draft document has been completed, processes can be activated (/ can be used), to add stamp details, book an ID card and make electronic payments.
This process will continue until the document has been processed at the office.

What are the steps to enable or allow printing, booking ID cards and electronic payments during document creation?

Answer.After document creation, processes such as printing and identity card booking will be possible (/ can be used). Before printing, you should include stamp details.
This process will continue until the document has been processed at the office.

Are the permanent account number card / Form 60 details required for parties to the resource screen?

Answer.Yes. If the purchase/sale document and the market value entered in by the party in purchase document for pre-mortgage holders exceed Rs.10 lakhs then permanent account number card/ Form 60 details must also be included.

Do you have to upload documents?

Answer.Uploading documents to the resource screen does not have to be done.
It is an option for document creation and draft summary.

Is the dependent entitled to a belt change petition?

Answer.Upon registration, petitions for change of belts will be sent to the Governor concerned.
The information sent via SMS and e mail (except for Natham survey numbers) will be provided to the petitioner.

How many days will it take for the document to be in my files?

Answer.You must complete the step before document registration within 30 days of the date that the document was created via the interface.
The identification card must also be opened within 30 calendar days of the completion of the step before document registration. Both cases, the document must be opened within 30 days of registration.

How many days will the document remain in draft documents?

Answer.The link within the document will be removed 30 days after it was created. However, the document will still remain in its draft form.
Citizens can still create documents by attaching the link again.

If the document’s nature is donation, then why would the donor name ‘company/joint venture/ liability/trust’?

Answer.When the donor is a company / joint venture/ liability / trust, the representative details must be included. You can create a profile of a donor’s delegate on the Representative screen.

The type name of the stamp paper does not appear in the citizens interface after step 3.

Answer.The details of the stamp paper must be completed in 3 steps prior to document registration. If not, citizens will be displayed in the appropriate awareness interface.
After verifying that all details regarding the stamp are included, citizens should not proceed with their ID.

I’m from Tamil Nadu, and currently work in the United States.
I would like to purchase land in Tamil Nadu, and then register it under my name. My brother tells me that I must come to the registration and sign it.
That’s not possible. Do you know of any way I can register my name in order to avoid getting there?

Answer.At registration, both the seller and buyer must be present in person. If they prefer to register online, the authorized person may sign on their behalf.

They must prepare an official document that has been certified by Indian Embassy officials and then attest it to the District Register / Delegate.

The power of attorney allows the authorized person to appear before the Registrar in person and complete the registration.

Is it because the buyer refuses to give me the registration certificate?

Answer.After the registration is complete, the document will be returned either to the original filer or to the authorized person on the receipt.
The purchaser of the property must either file the necessary documents to register the property or authorize the receipt to his name.

Where can I find birth/death notes?

Answer.You can obtain notes containing death and birth details from local bodies in urban areas or from the liaison responsible in rural areas.

How can you avoid the painful experience of removing the dependency’s bond?

Answer.The registrants may decide to have the document sent by mail. If the appropriate stamped envelope is provided during registration, they will oblige the dependents.

What information can I obtain directly from my dependent?

Answer.Yes. The Registrar must provide all information required by the public about the registration.

What is the procedure for appealing against an order by the District Revenue Officer/Deputy Collector (Stamp) to determine the market value?

Answer.The Indian Stamp Act Section 47A(5) allows the Registrar General to appeal to them.
Their market value will be determined by the head of the registry.
This value is more likely than that set by the District Revenue officer / Deputy Collector Stamp.

What is the definition “family” for Indian Stamp Act concessions on stamp duty payment?

Answer.Under the Indian Stamp Act, family members include father, mother, spouse, husband, wife and son, daughter, grandson, brother, and sister.
Stamp duty of 1% (maximum Rs. 25000 /- and 1% registration fees (maximum Rs. For documents such as releases, arrangements and partitions made by family members, 4000 will be charged.

Why does the Registrar ask for documents such as Citta, Atangal, and FMB Sketch?

Answer.These revenue documents are necessary to determine the nature of the land and its use.
If they are available, these can be provided. The Registrar can’t force them to do otherwise.
These will no longer be required once the revenue department has been computerized and the registry is connected online.

Is there a time limit to obtain an animal certificate?

Answer.Standing Order No.979(ii) states that in non-computerized affiliates, the certificate can be obtained within four days of the filing of the petition. This includes holidays and weekends. If the petition is computerized, evidence of animal cruelty can be provided immediately.

Stamp sellers charge a commission in addition to the home value.
This commission is not uniform. Is there a fixed fee for stamp seller commissions charged to document holders?

Answer.Stamp sellers do get commissions for stamps sold.
However, the government pays the commission.
The stamp’s face value will include the Commission.
It is against the law to charge stamp holders commissions.
It is a great idea to bring stamp sellers who are involved in such activities before the public registry authorities.

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What precautionary steps should one take before registering for a seat?

Answer.Are you able to register the ticket company that you are interested in joining?
Are you sure? You should verify that. Subscribers have the right of requesting and obtaining a copy from the previous company.

Are the higher authorities or affiliates able to cancel registrations for reasons of impersonation/misrepresentation?

Answer.Only the civil court is able to cancel a registered instrument.
Victims may appeal to the appropriate district registrar with evidence.
After further investigation, the District Registrar may take action against offenses under Section 82 of Indian Registration Act 1908.

What exactly is animal proof? What’s the point of animal proof?

Answer.All details regarding the documents that were registered during the requested period for a property are proof of ownership. It is recommended that you obtain a pet certificate before any document registration to verify the details of the previous registrations pertaining to the property. Knowing the owner of the property is helpful.

After a lengthy delay, most documents that were submitted for registration are generally returned to their owners. This results in public suffering and abuse.

Answer.Only a few documents are subject to stamp duty based upon market value.

These documents can be used to sell, exchange, release alimony, arrange or donate.
If they are equal or greater than the building value, as determined by the guideline and the Public Works Department, such documents will be recorded and returned to the filer on the date of filing.

All other documents must be returned within one day of registration to the computerized affiliate office. There is sometimes a lot of paperwork in affiliate offices. This can lead to delays in scheduling documents and delays in transcribing details.

In such cases, delegated must return documents as soon possible
The delay should not exceed 3 days.
We are taking steps to facilitate bonding and reduce delays.

Is it possible to create a document and submit it for registration?
Is it legal?

Answer.Yes. Documenters can upload sample documents to the Registry’s website.
The document seller can sell the property depending on the sale document. The person who wrote the document according to other documents may also write it and file it using the sample form.

These documents must be used together with a document written by licensed document writers or attorneys. The Delegates will accept these documents for consideration.

Why are Permanent Account Number/Form 60 details required for all documents?

Answer.If the market value of the item being purchased or sold exceeds Rs 10 lakh, an optional option is to have a permanent account number (Form 60). You don’t need a Form 60 or a permanent account number for other documents.

Is it possible to include more than one asset in a document

Answer.A document can contain more than one asset. You can add multiple assets to a document by clicking the “Add” button.

Why attach water tax receipts to your head?

Answer.Because the water tax details have been entered on the previous screen, the connection is necessary. You can delete the water tax number that was added to the previous screen if you don’t have the link.

What is the reason why the “Sorry” error occurs when creating an abstract for the draft document and submitting it to the appropriate affiliate?

Answer.Uploading a file should not contain corrupted files. Upload only the valid file to the screen The document must be downloadable. Upload only editable document formats (PDF)

What are connected field number

Answer.The linked field numbers option should only be used if an asset is found in more than one field number. Example: The land number 44 should be added to the field number 416/1. The link should be added to the field number if the land number 45 is in the field 416/1.

Why isn’t the building valued at less than its arbitrarily calculated value accepted?

Answer.The public sector value of the building is used by the system to calculate the value. The system will calculate the value of your building. The system value should not be lower than yours.

What is the difference between formal and informal boundaries?

Answer.Formal boundaries are defined as floor that is rectangular or square.
All forms also have irregular borders. Any user who chooses to place proper boundaries will accept the same value on both sides.

Do topographic codes need to be compulsory?

Answer.This option is only available as an option. This code can be used to mark the boundaries of assets.
It will be extremely useful in the future to solve property issues.Advertisement

Why is it necessary to include Form 60 information or permanent account number in purchase/sale documents?

Answer.The Permanent Account Number (or Form 60) is mandatory if the market value exceeds Rs 10 lakh. This is per the Income Tax Act. Specific details are required for documents exceeding Rs 10 lakh.

Why should Patta be forced to accept this?

Answer. Answer.The belt must be worn.
It is imperative that you attach the link to your patta.

Why can’t the exchange rate be allowed to change value above the market value?

Answer.The market value should not be exceeded by the exchange rate.
If you wish to increase the exchange rate, adjust the market value.

Do you want to enter the boundary descriptions like north and south?

Answer.You will need to enter the North, South, and other border details. In land descriptions, it is not necessary to include words like “north” or “south”.
These will be added arbitrarily to the property details.

How long should an identity card be valid after completion of pre-documentation?

Answer.Within 30 days of the completion or modification of any step before document registration, the identification process must be started. The document will not be accepted for registration and cannot be used to create another document with the same details.

Can the pre-registration process be completed today?

Answer.You can also book now if there is a reservation.

Why is it necessary to provide custodian information when the purchaser or author is young?

Answer.Representative Details You can choose the Guardian of Prince from the screen and enter his Guardian details.Advertisement

Why is the stamp duty at 7% applied to the purchase/sale document for the release document, even though it is a release document between family members?

Answer.You chose to have the purchase/sale documents taken as the liberator does not have rights. It is important to choose the right relationship.

Tnreginet 790 Stamp Vendor Vacancies Recruitment 2021

Tamilnadu Registration Department announced 790 Stamp Vendor vaccanies. They are accepting applications from all over the state. You can also view the official notification and apply for the vacancies. We have also provided the image below so you can see it and also the registration process.

The application must be completed manually. After that, it must be mailed to the appropriate department.

Tnreginet 790 Stamp Vendor Vacancies Recruitment 2021 Notification

TN Registration Stamp Vendor Registration Process

  • You first need to visit Tnreginet’s official website.
  • If the form is not already on the site, you will find it here.
  • If you don’t have the application form, you can get it from the Concerned District Registrar’s Office.
  • You will now need to attach all the required documents and submit the form.

Criteria for TN Stamp Vendor Recruitment 2021

These criteria must be met before you can apply for vacancies. Only then will you be selected.

  • Candidats applying for this job must have completed 8th grade. This is the minimum requirement.
  • Candidats must be at least 18 years of age to apply for the job.
  • He/She must be a permanent resident in Tamil Nadu State.
  • The preference will be given for the energetic and young candidates.

District Wise List for Vacancies

District NameVacancies
Chennai (South)38
Chennai (North)31
Chennai (Central)21
Salem (West)10
Salem (East)08
Madurai (South).15
Madurai (North).04

What are the Stamp Vendors Vacancies under the Registration Department?What is the best way to get started?

There are 790 total vacancies that the registration department must fill.

What are the options for filling out the registration form?

Candidates will need to complete the registration form offline as there is no online option at this time.

Is there a minimum age for registration?

Only candidates over 18 years of age can apply for the Tamilnadu Stamp Vendor position

Tnreginet Helpline Number

Number – 1800102 5174 (Monday through Friday, 8 am-8 pm)

Number – 044-24640160/044-24642774 (Saturday, 10 am to 5pm)

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