Colors Name: List of Colours Name with Pictures

Colors were previously known as colors. They can be used to describe an object’s hue, lightness, or saturation. The term “color” is used in physics to refer to electromagnetic radiation with different wavelengths or intensities, which can be seen from the naked eye.

The color’s visual is determined by the wavelength of light reflected from the object. The wavelength of light reflected by the object is what the eyes use to identify the color. When light shines onto an object, some colors bounce back and travel along the wavelength.

There is colour everywhere! Look around you. What number of colours can you see around? Are you familiar with the English names of colors? Are you able to correctly spell the colours? This is a color chart* that will help you to spell some of the most popular colours.

Red is a color that lies at the extreme end of visible light. It has a dominant wavelength around. 625 to 740 nanometers. It can be used to express love, hate, anger, war and danger.


Blue is the most basic color in all color spaces. Blue is the color of the sky and ocean. It is a symbol of stability, inspiration, wisdom, and security. This color is rare in fruits and vegetables.

Shades Of Blue Color


The cool green color is used to represent the natural beauty of the earth. It is believed to be a symbol of good luck, health, and jealousy. The ability to read is also improved by using green color.


Orange is a combination of yellow and red. This color is often called energetic. This color is often associated with enthusiasm, warmth, and enthusiasm.


White color is a symbol of innocence and purity. White is also a color that represents peace and politeness. Brides wear white clothes to express their spirituality and sexual purity. It is also a color that represents harmony, balance, and courage.

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white color


Black is a color that symbolizes darkness and negativity. Black is associated with death and evil. Black is often used as a symbol to signify the style. Black suits signify professionalism and seriousness. This suit is most commonly worn by businessmen and women.

black color


The most luminescent color in the rainbow is yellow. This color is more noticeable from a distance than any other. It’s a color that inspires optimism, happiness, politeness and creativity.

yellow color


Purple, also known as the Rich Color, is a sign of royalty, wealth, ambition, power and nobility. It is a rare color in nature and has been associated with a supernatural aura for many centuries. It is the strongest wavelength in the spectrum, and it is more powerful than any other colors.

purple color


Silver is often associated with raw materials, ores, glamour, sophistication, and their meanings. It is a precious metal, like aluminum and steel, etc.

silver color


Brown is a natural colour that conveys strength and reliability. It can also be used to indicate loneliness, isolation, and depression.

brown color


Grey is a cool, balanced, and simple color. Grey is an emotionless colour, often associated with monotony, formality, and conservatism. This color is associated with loss, depression, and timeless.

gray color


Pink is associated with femininity, love, and kindness. This color is most loved and accepted by girls. It is also known as feminine color which brings romance.

pink color


The olive is a yellowish green color that is used mainly in the manufacture of military weapons and suits. It is a traditional symbol of harmony, peace, and empathy.

olive color


Maroon is a color that expresses passion and intensity. It’s used primarily to express love risk, excitement and strength. This word is derived from the french word chestnut.

maroon color


Violet is a combination of red and blue colors. It is also a symbol for royalty, prosperity and wealth. This color is a symbol of dignity and calmness.

violet color


The grey color is similar to the charcoal color. It is associated with loss and depression. The charcoal grey color is associated with the mystery of silver and the strength of black. This color is calm and lacks negativity.

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charcoal color


Magenta is a colour that represents universal harmony and emotional balance. This color is associated with compassion, happiness and contentment. It also demonstrates appreciation, kindness, gratitude, and contentment. It also has the passion and power of red, as well as a more restrained form energy.

pink color


The bronze color shares some similarities with brown; therefore, the characteristics are somewhat similar to brown. It refers to strength, growth, experience, and knowledge related to nature.

bronze color


After the natural milk products of the grazing cows, the name Cream is given to the color. Cream color is a light or simple yellow hue. It can also be a mixture of a yellow and white color. This natural color has a calm, relaxing, and neutral tone.

cream color

According to some, the gold color is a cousin to the yellow and brown colors. It is associated with love. It is a precious metal which conveys wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

gold color

Tan is a pale brown shade. It is warm and secure. It has a brownish-yellow and a greenish orange color combination. The hex code for tan color #D2B48C is respectively

tan color

The Mustard color corresponds to the culinary mustard color. It is followed by the dark/dark yellow similar to flax. It is closely related to the yellow color, and is mostly used to design the house’s interior.

mustard color

Navy Blue
The navy blue color is a darker shade of blue. This color is used to represent yachting sport and looks dark like a black color. It is mostly used in the navy army’s suits, armors and war weapons.

navy blue color

Lavender color is used to indicate medicinal properties and is valuable as an antiseptic. It is also associated with purity, relaxation, cleanliness, and spirituality.

lavender color

Coral is a combination between two colors: orange and pink. It resembles warmth and increased energy.

coral color

After the reaction of oxygen-containing water and moisture to iron, the color rust is known as “Rust”.
It appears reddish. It also looks a bit like an orange slant when dried..
It looks a reddish color. Somehow when it dries, it looks like a slant orange color too.

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rust color

Peach color refers to the color of the inside flesh of the peach fruits. Peach color is similar to the Apricot color. It is most likely used in interior design.

peach color

Burgundy is a deep shade of red with a purplish tinge. This color is associated with power, wealth, and seriousness. It is sophisticated and reversed to the natural world.

burgundy color

The Mauve color has a positive compression tone. It is kind, friendly and generous with its flowers. It is also very shy.

mauve color

The relaxing properties of teal color are related to the blue in that it renews the quality and beauty of green. It reflects open communication and high quality perception.

teal color

1. red
2. orange
3. yellow
4. green
5. blue
6. indigo
7. violet

To make learning as much as possible Colors name in hindi easier, let us know how colors are formed. First of all, divide them into three categories: primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors:

Primary Coloursप्राथमिक रंग
Blue –नीला –
Secondary Coloursमाध्यमिक रंग
Secondary colours are the result of mixing two primary colours.द्वितीयक रंग दो प्राथमिक रंगों के मिश्रण का परिणाम है।
red + blue = greenलाल + नीला = हरा
Orange –संतरा –
red + yellow = orangeलाल + पीला = नारंगी
Purple –बैंगनी –
blue + red = purpleनीला + लाल = बैंगनी
Tertiary Coloursतृतीयक रंग
Tertiary colours are the result of mixing one primary colour with a secondary colourतृतीयक रंग एक प्राथमिक रंग को द्वितीयक रंग के साथ मिलाने का परिणाम है।
teal – colorsचैती – रंग
blue + green = tealनीला + हरा = चैती
lime – colorsचूना – रंग
yellow + green = limeपीला + हरा = चूना
brown – colorsभूरा – रंग
red + green = brownलाल + हरा = भूरा
Other colours in Englishअन्य रंग अंग्रेजी में

color name in hindi
So here you must have come to know how colors are made.

When it comes to design, finding the right color combination can be your secret to winning.

The truth is, color makes a design come alive. Color can attract attention, set the mood and even affect our feelings and perceptions.

There are three ways to describe the color of something.

  1. My dad has a red car.
  2. My dad owns the red car.
  3. Red is my dad’s car colour.

There are many shades of colour. There are many colors you can choose from:

dark green, light green, bright green

If you don’t know how to describe a particular colour, you can use the suffix or -ish. To describe colors, native speakers use or -ish. A colour could be:

purplish, reddish, blueish

These colours will appeal to you, so you’ll love learning English. There are many to choose from. Many colours are named after the things they remind us. Take this example:

Shell pink, navy Blue, Salmon

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