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What does CNF stand for?

CNF stands for Confirmed Ticket. A confirmed ticket is required to board the train. This means your previous RAC/WL etc ticket will be confirmed.

ConfirmtktIRCTC Ticket Booking, one of the most popular online IRCTC train booking websites, is Confirmtkt. You can increase your chances of getting train tickets. IRCTC train booking and enquiry.

This is supported by an efficient algorithm that predicts your IRCTC PRN in seconds based upon historical trends. It helps you decide whether to book train tickets, or waitlist train tickets. You will have a pleasant IRCTC train ticket booking experience. ConfirmTkt allows you to get IRCTC train tickets. 

Confirmtkt allows you to find (CNF FULL MFORM)confirmed train tickets online

Confirmtkt allows you to find confirmed train tickets online. It is possible to predict your PNR status and find all options for obtaining a confirmed train ticket. Confirmtkt India’s most popular website to check PNR status for train seats, availability of e-rail tickets and status on booking IRCTC tickets is Confirmtkt. 

You will never have to travel on tickets that are not yet available. We are the one-stop solution to all your train ticket booking problems. Let us show you how we work by pre-booking your train confirmation chances! 

We can help you, whether you’re a commuter, business traveller, or on vacation. Confirmtkt has one of the most up-to-date train databases in India. The mobile app includes the following features: Seat/berth availability with predictions, PNR status – plus confirmations, Time Table/Schedule with Offline Access, Seat availability and Alternate Options.

Manage your trips. Fare enquiry. Fare calculator for Indian rail travellers. All types of trains are covered Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express and Garib Rath.


Modern India’s train travel is now a modernized face.IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation).. IRCTC allows you to book your train tickets online, plan your holidays, order food, and book rail tourism packages.IRCTCOnline train ticket bookings are possible.

I-tickets, which are regular tickets, can also be booked online and sent to your door via post.IRCTCIt is listed as one the busiest websites. It offers online ticket booking and 24*7 support. This includes information about train schedules, train fares, ticketing, ticketing, seat availability, train tickets, and train route details. 

You can also view your PNR status and print, cancel, or download tickets from the website. Indian Railways’ website handles lakhs of bookings every day. It was created in 2005.IRCTCDeciding to reduce agent dependency, stress of waiting at the railway station counter, etc.

IRCTC online train tickets  

The launch ofIRCTC online train tickets Booking people have the luxury of taking their time to look at trains and understand their arrival and departure points, then plan their budget to book their train tickets.

Booking IRCTC train ticketsThe travelers can get a confirmed seat in the train class they desire. A unique PNR (Passenger Number Record) is created for each ticket booked. This PNR number allows a user to check the status of their train ticket online.IRCTCFrom the comfort of their own homes.

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IRCTC ticket booking allows travelers to book a confirmed berth on the train of their choice. A unique PNR (Passenger Number Record) is created for each ticket booked. This PNR number allows users to check the status of their train tickets online at IRCTC from the comforts of their own homes.

IRCTC Train Ticket and IRCTC Seat Availability

Thanks to the advent of trains, train travel has become a more popular option for travelers.IRCTC online ticket booking for trains. How to get a train ticketIRCTC seat availabilityConfirmTkt makes it easy, quick, and secure. There are two ways to book an online train ticket: i-tickets or e-tickets. 

E-tickets can be described as an online copy of a train tickets that a user must print. E-tickets can also be sent by mail to an email id and as a message on the registered mobile number. You can travel smarter by not having to take a hard copy. I-tickets, on the other hand, are similar to regular train tickets and can be booked online.

They are sent to the address you provide within three working days. This service is currently only available in a handful of cities. A photo ID issued by the government is required for any user who travels with etickets. You can book IRCTC train tickets online or at a station.

Reservation of IRCTC Train Tickets

Various categories forIRCTC train ticketsOnline bookings are also available. Journey date on a general booking can be preponed or postponed for Confirmed/RAC/Waitlisted train tickets. You can change your journey date once or twice for either the same train ticket or a higher-class train ticket.

People who plan to book their tickets in advanceIRCTC trainThe Railways Tatkal (Emergency Scheme) is a good option for tickets that need to be booked quickly. The passenger can book train tickets here up to 24 hours in advance of the departure of the train that they want to travel in. 

This Tatkal train ticket reservation service is available for all trains, including special trains. Tatkal reservations scheme train tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. TheIRCTC Tatkal ticket bookingAC coach bookings open at 10 AM 24 hours prior to the departure date and sleeper coach tickets at 11 AM. 

Comfortable train ticket bookings for women will be madeIRCTCIntroduced “Ladies Quota”, where women traveling alone or with a child under 3 years old get reduced train tickets. These schemes are not the only ones.IRCTCDiscounted tickets available for seniors, students with disabilities, and those who are physically impaired.

IRCTC Booking Types

IRCTC UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System)

IRCTC UTS, a mobile app that allows you to reserve paperless tickets, is very useful. You don’t need to visit the ticket counter if you have the app on your phone. You can also order a printed copy of your ticket through the UTS app via ATVMs (automatic tickets vending machines). 

You can also book tickets offline using the app, even if your internet is not available. The app allows you to pay for tickets using the R-wallet (RailwayWallet).

IRCTC Full Tariff rate (FTR).

Sometimes, it is necessary to book a whole coach or train for events such as parties and tours. IRCTC’s FTR (Full-Tariff Rate) feature allows you to make such bookings. You can use our platform to reserve tickets and get discounts on FTR bookings.

Register in advance (minimum 6 months, minimum 30 day). Each coach requires a security deposit of INR 50,000. You must book at least 18 coaches if you want to book a special train. Book your ticket online to enjoy an easy booking process and a low price.

IRCTC General Booking

The IRCTC General Booking option can be found on our website. This type of booking allows you to postpone or pre-book your journey. You can get Waitlisted/RAC/Confirmed tickets postponed or preponed with an extra charge on a higher class, or the same class. 

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This feature is only available for waitlisted tickets and RAC tickets. It can be used once per booking. All the features and support you need to adjust the dates of your ride are provided by us.

Bookings for IRCTC Tatkal

Tatkal is an acronym for emergency tickets. When you need to reserve a train quickly, this is a must. Sometimes, you may only have a few days before the departure of your train. Tatkal tickets are useful in such circumstances.

These tickets are more expensive than regular ones, but we still offer Tatkal tickets at a reasonable price. Tatkal tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. You have a better chance of getting these tickets if you book with us. 

These tickets must be booked 24 hours in advance of departure. Note that Tatkal tickets cannot be refunded and are only available for First Class A/C coaches.

IRCTC Ladies quota

IRCTC introduced the Ladies Quota feature in 2011 to IRCTC. IRCTC introduced the Ladies Quota feature of IRCTC in 2011. On our portal, you can book tickets for the Ladies Quota. If you’re traveling in the sleeper category, you can choose a Ladies Quota tickets. The Ladies Quota only has six berths booked in a train.

How to book IRCTC Ticket via ConfirmTkt Steps to book IRCTC train ticket online

  1. Choose source and destination stations
  2. Choose a date for your journey
  3. Choose the train you want from the list.
  4. Select class (sleeper, 3rd AC etc.)
  5. Choose a Boarding Point
  6. Enter passenger details and berth preferences
  7. Enter your contact details mobile, and email. You will receive your train tickets via this mobile and email.
  8. Other preferences may be selected (book only if confirmed berth, book only for lower berths etc.
  9. Enter GST details if applicable
  10. You can pay using any payment method.
  11. After successful payment enter IRCTC credentials
  12. Once you enter the correct IRCTC credentials, your ticket will be booked. You will receive it via your mobile and email that you provided when you booked your train ticket

IRCTC Train ticket Booking Video Tutorial – IRCTC Train Ticket Booking

Passengers must have one of their identity cards with them on the train journey. This identity card will be required to get on the train to TT. Here are the valid ID cards

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Passport
  3. Voter photo identification card
  4. Driving license
  5. Pan Card
  6. Central/State Government Photo Identity Card
  7. Nationalized Bank Passbook with photos
  8. Photo for Student Identity Card
  9. Credit Cards with laminated photographs
  10. Photo identification cards with serial numbers

ConfirmTkt IRCTC railway enquiry and Indian railway seat availability will make it easy to book IRCTC tickets. Confirmtkt’s mobile IRCTC train ticket booking app and train ticket booking has a simple and user-friendly interface.

IRCTC Train Ticket Booking FAQ

QHow do I book train tickets online

A:Online bookings for train tickets can be made via the confirmtkt App or website. After successful payment online and entering the correct IRCTC credentials, you will receive an e-ticket via sms or email.

QConfirmTkt can increase my chances of getting confirmed IRCTC tickets

A:ConfirmTkt allows you to confirm IRCTC tickets online and provides alternate trains.

ConfirmTkt allows you to find IRCTC train alternates. You can change your boarding/dropping point, and if there is a waitlist we will show you how you can get a confirm train ticket. Book the ticket if you are satisfied with the prediction.

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QHow is TATKAL Booking done in IRCTC?

A:Indian Railways has Tatkal quota. Tickets booked under this quota can be used for last-minute or immediate travel plans. Last-minute travel is easy with Tatkal bookings made in IRCTC. There are still chances of not being able to get tickets, even during peak season or on busy routes. 

It’s better to plan ahead than to rely on last-minute bookings. ConfirmTkt App and website allow you to book IRCTC tickets for tatkal. Tatkal timings start at 10:00 AM for AC train tickets, and 11:00 AM for non AC train tickets.

Please note that tickets purchased for tatkal ceremonies are non-refundable.

QHow many train tickets can one book at once?

A:A maximum of six train tickets per person plus two children under 5 years old and 4 tickets for tatkal are allowed.

QIs it mandatory to purchase a train ticket for children at the age of 18?

A:Children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old must purchase a train ticket.

QWhat are the different quotas IRCTC ticket booking?

A:There are 19 different quotas for IRCTC ticket booking

  • 1. 1.
  • 2. LD Ladies Quota
  • 3. 3.
  • 4. Quota DF Defence
  • 5. Quota PH Parliament House
  • 6. FT Foreign Tourist Quota
  • 7. DP Duty Pass Quota
  • 8. tq Tatkal Quota
  • 9. PT Premium Tatkal Quota
  • 10. 10.
  • 11. 11.
  • 12. RE Railway Employees on Duty for the Train
  • 13. 13.
  • 14. OS Out Station
  • 15. 15.
  • 16. RC(RAC) Reservation Against Cancellation
  • 17. 17.
  • 18. YU Yuva
  • 19. 19.

QWhat is the IRCTC Booking Status and Current Status?

A:Booking status refers to the status of your tickets at the time you book them. Current status refers to the status of your tickets at the moment or in the future.

QWhat is TDR in IRCTC? When can I file IRCTC TDR

A:TDR means ticket deposit receipt. TDR is for passengers who purchased a ticket, but have not traveled and wish to request a refund. Online filing of TDR is possible through ConfirmTkt and IRCTC. You can cancel your ticket online if the chart is not ready. After the chart preparation, TDR must be filed for a refund.

There are many scenarios in which IRCTC TDR may be filed

  • AC Failure
  • After Charting, No Room Available.
  • Change In Reservation Status From Confirmed To Wait listed/Part Wait listed/RAC After Chart Preparation.
  • Different Fares for Passenger Traveled In Lower Class
  • Different Fares in Case of Coach Not Attached.
  • Party Cannot Cancel because Chart Prepared At The Originating Or Previous Remote Location.
  • Partie Partially Confirmed/Wait List and All Passengers Didn’t Travel
  • Party Partially Confirmed/Waitlisted Passengers Didn’t Travel
  • Parties Partially Travelled (Journey ended short of destination).
  • No Passenger Travel as Reservation in Lower Class
  • Passenger not traveled after RAC Chart Preparation.
  • Passenger Not Travelled.
  • Train diverted and train not touching boarding station
  • Train diverted and Train not touching destination station
  • If you travel with a passenger, and the train is late by more than three hours, it will not be considered a delay.
  • Train was late to connect with the train.
  • Short of Destination, Train Terminated
  • TTE wrongly charges

Types of IRCTC Trains

Tejas Express, Vande Bharat Express, Shatabdi Express, Gatimaan Express, Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express, Humsafar Express, AC Express, Double Decker Express, Uday Express, Garib Rath Express, Yuva Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Sampark Kranti Express, Kavi Guru Express, Vivek Express, Rajya Rani Express, Mahamana Express, Intercity Express, Antyodaya Express, Jan Sadharan Express, Suvidha Express Superfast Express,Express

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