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(US city center)

  • The central part or main business and commercial area of a city.

    ‘a new metro station provides a direct link to the city centre’

    • ‘The new building lies in a slightly scruffy district to the north of the city centre.’
    • ‘During the 1960s, the university decamped to a suburban greenfield site at Belfield, to the south of the city centre.’
    • ‘In 1930, the museum abandoned a Georgian-style building to commission a new building on a site close to the city centre.’
    • ‘Vancouver is in the midst of a new housing rush in the city centre.’
    • ‘Out of the nearly five million inhabitants, 17 per cent live in the city centre.’
    • ‘Out of the destruction and the rubble arose a new plan to revitalize the city centre.’
    • ‘The congestion charge keeps cars, and therefore theatregoers, out of the city centre until too late in the evening.’
    • ‘Oslo has a very precise and beautiful city centre dating from the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries.’
    • ‘Though close to the city centre, it serves a relatively poor area, hemmed in by dense, dingy apartment blocks.’
    • ‘Adelaide is a small city with a very obvious pride in its origins and in their physical expression in the form and setting of the city centre.’
    • ‘Most people can’t afford a £60 night out in the city centre but will do £20 locally.’
    • ‘The couple live an hour’s drive from the city centre.’
    • ‘As my taxi halted at a red light in the darkened, deserted city centre one night, I feared my own story was about to veer towards pessimistic.’
    • ‘She left her home on Friday night to catch a bus to the city centre.’
    • ‘He grew up living in Fitzwilliam Square in the city centre.’
    • ‘Municipal officials said further showers risked flooding the city centre, escalating the crisis faced by the country.’
    • ‘He’s always lived in the city centre.’
    • ‘Filming took a full day, and was completed in and around the city centre.’
    • ‘If I go out in Dublin, I arrange to meet some friends and we get the bus to the city centre.’
    • ‘Cycle rickshaws are usually banned from the city centre of Delhi, an area of big hotels, shops, government buildings and cars.’
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