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Shri Atulchandra Kulkarni ADG

Our CIDI is making a name for itself by contributing to the detection of irregularities in different government departments and raising awareness among the people about their rights. We support local, national, and international law enforcement officials in their continuous effort to curb the activities of crime syndicates, organized gangs, smuggles, and general law breaking.

An Addl heads the CID Establishment. The Director General of Police is a rank officer.

Supervision of Crime Investigation – Spl. Spl.

It is my pleasure to present the official website for Maharashtra. The revamped and updated State Criminal Investigation Department (CID). CID, which was established in 1905 is the premier investigation agency in Maharashtra State.

It has been conducting serious, sensational, and complex investigations, including those involving economic frauds. CID is entrusted with these cases from time to time, by the State Govt. and the Higher Courts. CID’s State Crime Records Bureau is another important division.

It maintains vital data and statistics on (CID FULL FROM)crime and criminals throughout the State. This division also houses The Documents Examinations Bureau (FPB), which provides valuable assistance to investigators.
Govt. has an ambitious project called Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems. CID. Maharashtra is the nodal agency responsible for its implementation. The CCTNS’s Citizen’s Portal is the most important component. 9) Downloads, are available without registration and 12 more services like 1) E-Complaint, 2) Status of Complaint, 3) Citizen Information, 4) Feedback of Citizens, 5) Tenant/Paying Guest (PG) Verification, 6) Character Certificate Request, 7) Programme Permissions, 8) Protest/Strike Request, 9) Procession Request, 10) Employee Verification, 11) Maidservant Verification, 12) C-Form, 13) Vehicle Information, 14) Ganesh Festival Permission and 15) Navratri Festival Permission, are available after registration on this Portal. Moreover, the Portal integrates with the CCTNS to allow for quick searches of Missing Persons or Stolen Vehicles.
I am pleased to present the updated and fully redesigned website of CID to citizens. It aims to provide maximum transparency and clarity regarding the CID’s role. CID has made special efforts to provide the most information possible about their functioning and branches. This weesite has a new Flash Section. Safety features have been improved which will + be beneficial to users.
I hope this revam>cd web site will prove useful for all users. It will provide valuable information. We welcome any feedback and suggestions.
Its improvement are most welcomed Jai Hind Atulchandra Kumar Kulkarni
Addl. Addl.

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Functions of Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department

1. Register, investigation, detection and prosecution of a specific class of cases and cases entrusted by the Government and DGP.

2.  In certain cases, it is necessary to conduct inquiries in accordance with the prescribed procedures

3. Maintenance, updating, and use of the Crime-Criminal Information System. Criminal records and crime. Implementation and planning of criminal intelligence systems. Crime analysis is used to improve the detection, investigation and prevention of criminal cases.

4. Coordinated investigation of related issues within the State as well as other States and National Institutions/Organizations dealing with crime investigation/maintenance.

5. FPB, SCRB, and modernization of FPB work efficiently, professionally, and independently.

6.  Coordinate with FSLs

7. Verification and issuance of NOCs for vehicles, firms, cyber cafés, etc.

8.  Notifying the appropriate Central and State Govts promptly with timely reports and returns. agency.

9. Rescue operations for victims of human trafficking: After rescue, provide protection and care to victims.

10. Coordinate with the PPs/APPs and the Law department in r/o prosecutorial matters.

11. Monitoring the prompt execution of summonses/warrants etc. Both inside and outside the State.

12. Ensure that your data base is up-to-date in all cases, including those under trial, court dispositions, or court orders.

13. Appeal hearings: Examine and report on the judgments.

14. Support the presentation of evidence in prosecution cases by coordinating with I/Os and conducting research.

15. Assist the Special Branch or district in tracking criminals, checking explosives, and anti-sabotage checks. 24. CB-CID is able to assist the police district in two ways. One, it can take over the entire investigation and send one or more civilian experts or special investigating officers to the Police District. This includes visiting crime scenes and providing criminal intelligence and other information. It also provides specific advice on how to coordinate investigations in other states and secure assistance from other countries. The district superintendents will also assist CB-CID in an identical fashion.

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16. An Addl. District Crime Record Bureau will be performed by a unit from the Addl. SP/DySP can be found at the headquarters for the district police, under the supervision of the district SP.

17. These SOPs will include the guidelines issued either by the Central, State Government, or the Apex Court.

The CB-CID will investigate certain types of crime and provide the procedure.

Ordinarily, the Crime Investigation Department will deal with crimes belonging to these classes. Any Unit Officer can request CB-CID investigation without the approval of the DGP or head of CID. No such inquiry or investigation shall be undertaken by CB-CID.

1. Counterfeit currency, and other important thefts of currency note. Counterfeit coins when counterfeits are struck using dies and other cognate offenses in relation to coining by dies
3. Theft of ammunition and arms from the Government
4. Illicit manufacture, transport and sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives, and explosive substances.
5. Foreigners are involved in important cases (including international crimes and women trafficking by foreigners).
6. Frauds using advertisements, bogus companies and funds, impersonation and swindling.
7. Frauds in the Stock Market and Banks
8. Important terrorist cases and bioterrorism cases.
9. Important defalcations and thefts of public money.
10. 10.
11. Financial and economic crimes include money laundering, frauds, forgeries bank, misappropriation, cheating and breach of trust.
12. Organized crime (Mafia type), and gang cases.
13. Important conspiracy cases with ramifications that reach several districts
14. Organized offenses relating to environment, fauna and flora.
15. Trafficking in children, women and girls.
16. Important cases of rape, dowry deaths.
17. Pornography
18. Any serious crime that appears to have a political motive. This includes all offenses connected to arms or explosives which are suspected of being of a political nature.
19. Organised theft of motor vehicles
20. Additional cases of international or inter-state nature require coordination and specialized investigation.
21. Organized cases against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, and important communal or casteriots that were accompanied by murders or arson.

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