Check your Andhra bank balance online in just 1 minute

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Check your Andhra Bank balance online

There are four methods to check the balance of your Andhra bank account online or offline. Any of these methods can be used to check your andhra bank balance in under a minute.

  1. Through Missed Call
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Through the Mobile App
  4. Use the UPI App
  5. Use *99# Service

Now, we will examine each method in detail.

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Method 1 – Missed call to check Andra Bank’s account balance

This is the easiest of all the methods. To get your balance, you will need to dial a number.

1.Call the following number using your bank’s registered mobile number.

Andhra bank balance enquiry number18004251515

2.Wait for the call to be disconnected automatically.

3.After some time, you will receive SMS on your mobile phone.

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4.You will see your account balance in the SMS.

Method 2 – How can I check the balance of my Andhra Ban account online via Internet Banking

1. 1.Open the Andhra NEt Banking homepage on your phone/computer.

2. 2.Log in using your User Id, Password, and click on Login.

3. Click on after logging in successfully.Accounts

Option from the main menu

Method 3 – Andhra Bank account balance checking using Mobile Banking App

You can check your account balance at Andhra Bank using the Mobile Banking app. There are many other services such as money transfer, Mini statement, recharge, and money transfer.

1.Download the first thing.

Andhra Bank Mobile Banking App AB TEJ

You can do this from your smartphone.

2.Open the Register for First-Time Users. Register by verifying your SIM card number and debit card details, then creating a Login Passcode.

3.After registration is successful, log inTo AB TEJ App.

4.The account balance can be seen on the main screen.

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Method 4 – Andhra Bank Balance Check Online Using BHIM UPI APP

This is also an easy way to check your Andhra bank’s account balance.

1.Open any UPI app such as PhonePe or GooglePay, PayTM, and SBI PAY.

2.Register on the app now if this is your first time using it. Register on UPI App using your bank’s mobile number and debit card details. This guide provides a comprehensive guide to UPI App registration.

3.Tap on the Check balance button in the app.

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4.Tap OK to continue.

5.The account balance can be seen on the screen.

Method 5 – How To Get Andhra Bank Account Balance Check Offline Using *99#

This is the best method if you don’t have an internet connection. This feature allows you to transfer money.

1.Register first to use this feature. This guide will show you how to register for *99# to check your account balance.

2.After registration is successful, dial *99# from the dialer and wait until you receive a USSD response.

3.Select the “Check Balance” option from the main menu.

4.Enter your UPI PIN now and click onOK.

5.Now you can view your Andhra bank account from your smartphone without internet access.


We have outlined five simple methods to check andhra bank balance. We hope you found this guide helpful. You can now check your account balance using your smartphone without visiting a bank or ATM. You can comment below if you have any questions about the guide.

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