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A close up image of an hourglass filled with blue and yellow sand, in the pattern of the countries of the earth. Sand is slowly trickling from the top to pile up in the bottom chamber over time. The timer sits on a rough textured concrete floor near wall.

Metamorphosis meaning and definition 

Definition of metamor phosis 1a: change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means the metamor phosis of humans into animals b: a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances The company has gone through…

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Spicy Paneer or chilli paneer or cottage cheese, served in black Dish with capsicum and onion

Appetizer meaning and definition

Definition of appetizer 1: a food or drink that stimulates the appetite and is usually served before a meal The appetizers included shrimp with cocktail sauce, vegetables and dips, cheeses, and fruits. 2: something that stimulates a…

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Shot of a young businesswoman looking bored while working at her desk in a modern office

Procrastinate meaning and definition

Definition of procrastinate transitive verb:  to put off intentionally and habitually intransitive verb:  to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done Other Words from procrastinate procrastination \ prə-​ˌkra-​stə-​ˈnā-​shən  , prō-​ \ noun procrastinator \ prə-​ˈkra-​stə-​ˌnā-​tər  , prō-​ \ noun Shot…

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A young finger points upward to click off an unused light. The light switch is on a sandstone wall with copy space on the right side of the switch.

Off meaning and definition

Definition of off 1a(1): from a place or position march off specifically: away from landship stood off to sea (2): at a distance in space or time stood 10 paces off a long way off b: from a course : ASIDE turned off into…

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Teenager having fun with his new Virtual Reality Simulator

What’s the difference between ‘sympathy’ and ’empathy’? meaning and definition

What to KnowSympathy, constructed from the Greek sym, meaning "together," and pathos, referring to feelings or emotion, is used when one person shares the feelings of another, as when one experiences sadness…

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Orgie scene sculptures on Hindu temple in India's Khajuraho. Plinth of erotic scenes carved in beige brown sandstones.

fellatio meaning and definition

Definition of fellatio : oral stimulation of the penis First Known Use of fellatio 1891, in the meaning defined above History and Etymology for fellatio New Latin fellation-, fellatio, from Latin felare, fellare, literally, to suck —…

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