Can You Drink Distilled Water? Side Effects, Uses, and More

Drinking distilled water

Sure, you’ll be able to drink distilled water. Nonetheless, you may not just like the style as a result of it’s flatter and fewer flavorful than faucet and bottled waters.

Firms produce distilled water by boiling water, after which condensing the collected steam again right into a liquid. This course of removing impurities and minerals from the water.

Some sources declare that ingesting distilled water will assist detoxify your physique and enhance your well being. Others declare distilled water leaches minerals out of your physique and will put your well being in danger. In actuality, neither of those claims is fully true.

Negative effects of distilled water: Execs and cons

Apart from its flat style, distilled water doesn’t offer you minerals like calcium and magnesium that you just get from faucet water.

Since distilled water doesn’t include its personal minerals, it tends to tug them no matter, it touches to take care of a stability. So while you drink distilled water, it could pull small quantities of minerals out of your physique, together with your tooth.

Since you already get many of the minerals you want out of your food plan, ingesting distilled water shouldn’t make you poor. Nonetheless, in case you’re going to drink distilled water, it’s a good suggestion to ensure you get your really helpful each day servings of fruit and veggies.

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Relying on the place you reside, distilled water could possibly be higher for you than faucet water. In case your city’s water is tainted with dangerous chemical compounds or pesticides, you’re safer ingesting distilled.


Storing distilled water could possibly be extra of an issue. Distilled water can pull in minerals from any materials it touches. This implies it may possibly soak up hint quantities of plastic or no matter, substance is within the container that’s holding it.

Distilled water vs. purified water

Distilled water is a sort of purified water that has had each contaminant and minerals eliminated. Purified water has had chemical compounds and contaminants eliminated, however, it could nonetheless include minerals.

Purified water is filtered by means of certainly one of these processes:

  • Reverse osmosis filters the water by means of a particular material known as a semipermeable membrane. This material permits fluid to undergo, but it surely removes salt and impurities.
  • Distillation boils the water, after which condenses the steam again right into a liquid to take away impurities and minerals.
  • Deionization removes salt and different mineral ions (molecules) from water.

distilled waterCommon uses for distilled water and purified water on-line


Distilled water isn’t prone to dramatically enhance your well being, but it surely in all probability gained harm it both. When you don’t thoughts the style and also you get sufficient minerals from a well-balanced food plan, it’s superb to drink distilled.

You too can use distilled water round the home. Pour it in your iron or your automotive’s cooling system to forestall mineral buildup. Or, use it to water your crops or fill your aquarium.

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