BSC Full Form in Hindi| Eligibility Criteria for BSc.

BSC KA फुल फॉर्म Bachelor of Science HOTA है. इसको हिंदी में विज्ञान स्नातक कहते है

BBA Full Form in Hindi| BBA Admission Exams and Eligibility Criteria

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Bachelor of Science (BSc), a degree program for undergraduates, is usually three-years long. This course is the most sought-after among Science students after class 12. The full version of BSc can be found hereBachelor of Science(Baccalaureus Scientiae in Latin).This course is a foundation course that students can take if they want to pursue a career in Science. The course is available in many Science subjects at most Indian universities. BSc Physics and BSc Computer Science are the most popular BSc programs that students choose to study after class 12.

You can pursue a BSc degree as a part-time or full-time program. Students have the option to choose from a General BSc, or BSc with Honours. Students with strong math and science backgrounds will be most successful in this course. Students who want to pursue inter- and multidisciplinary science careers in the future will also benefit from this course. After the completion of a BSc degree, candidates can opt to pursue a Master of Science (MSc) or even secure admission in a professional job-oriented course.

The BSc programs generally last three years. Part-time and distance learning programs can last from four to five years. The pedagogy for BSc programs is a mixture of theory and practice. Practical lessons are a significant part of the BSc curriculum. Students must pass both the practical and theory exams to pass a semester.(BSC Full Form in Hindi)

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The BSc General program, on the other hand, provides students with basic knowledge in the major Science subjects. Although the curriculum is less rigorous, it still includes both theoretical and practical components.

Popular Branches of BSc
BSc Physics
BSc Chemistry
BSc Biology
BSc Mathematics
BSc IT (Information Technology)
BSc Computer Science
BSc Microbiology
BSc Biotechnology
BSc Biochemistry
BSc Botany
BSc Zoology
BSc Nursing
BSc Fashion Design
BSc Animation
BSc Hospitality
BSc Agriculture
BSc Geography
BSc Economics

These are the eligibility criteria for BSc:

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BSc serves as a foundation for candidates who have a keen interest to build a career in the field of Science. The following skills and traits are essential for candidates who wish to study a BSc program:

Skillset for BSc candidates
Observation skillsProblem solving skills
Analytical skillsLogical skills
Science skillsResearch skills
Experimental skillsMathematics and computation skills
Knowledge of relevant software and computersStatistics skills
Communication skillsInterpersonal skills

The BSc admission process can be done in one of two ways. It can either be through merit or entrance exams. The university determines the admission requirements.

Merit-Based Admission Process for BScA college or university releases course-wise cutoff aggregate. Provisional admission is granted to applicants who meet the cut-off criteria and fulfill the eligibility requirements. To be admitted to the institute, applicants must visit the institute to verify their documents and pay the admission fee.

BSc Admission Process – Entrance BasedMany colleges and universities offer BSc admissions through entrance exams. Candidates must apply for the exam and then appear for them. After passing these exams, applicants are eligible to be shortlisted for further admissions including counselling rounds. Below is a list of top BSc entrance exam and participating institutes.

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Entrance ExamConducting BodyPrograms Available
NEST (National Entrance Screening Test)National Institute of Science Education Research, (NISER), & Mumbai UniversityIntegrated MSc BiologyIntegrated MSc ChemistryIntegrated MSc Mathematics
Pantnagar University Entrance ExamGovind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and TechnologyBSc. in Agriculture (Hons).BSc. in Community ScienceBFSc
UPCATETChandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and TechnologyBSc (Hons) AgricultureBSc (Hons) HorticultureBSc (Hons) ForestryBSc (Hons) Home ScienceBTech BiotechnologyBFScBVSc&AHBTech Agriculture EngineeringBTech Dairy TechnologyBTech Computer ScienceBTech Electronics & Communication EngineeringBTech Mechanical Engineering
IISER Entrance ExamIndian Institute of Science Education and ResearchDual Degree BS-MS
ICAR AIEEA (UG)Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR).UG Courses in Agriculture
Rajasthan JET AgricultureMaharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, UdaipurBSc AgricultureBFScBSc (Hons)BSc HorticultureBSc Forestry
CUCETCentral Universities (On a rotating basis)Various BSc, Integrated Courses
PUBDETPresidency University, KolkataBSc PhysicsBSc MathematicsBSc GeographyBSc Life SciencesBSc GeologyBSc Stats

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Popular BSc Scholarships in India

As mentioned, a BSc in Science can be taken in many subjects. Some of the most popular include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. Candidates can also opt to study a BSc program that focuses exclusively on Science. Below is a list of subjects that are taught in BSc Physics and BSc Mathematics.


BSc Physics Course Curriculum
Mathematical PhysicsMechanics
Magnetism and ElectricityOptics and Waves
ChemistryEnglish Technical Writing and Communication
Waves & OscillationsDigital Systems and Applications
Digital ElectronicsMicroprocessors and Computer Programming
Thermal PhysicsMathematics
OpticsMathematical Analysis & Statistics
Numerical AnalysisQuantum Mechanics and Applications
Atomic and Molecular PhysicsElectronic Devices
Electromagnetic TheoryStatistical Mechanics
Solid State PhysicsParticle Physics & Nuclear Physics
Wave Motion and MechanicsThermodynamics and Kinetic Theory
Modern Physics: ElementsAnalog Systems and Applications


BSc Mathematics Course Curriculum
Basic Statistics and ProbabilityReal Analysis
Analytical Solid GeometryDifferential Equations
MatricesData Structures and Operating Systems
Sequences and Series of Real NumbersMechanics
Abstract AlgebraLinear Programming
Theory of Real FunctionsLinear Algebra and Ring Theory
Discrete MathematicsComplex Analysis
Linear Programming and Its ApplicationsNumerical Analysis
Vector AnalysisProbability Theory


BSc Chemistry Course Curriculum
Inorganic Chemistry
Atomic StructurePeriodic Properties
Chemical bondings-Block Elements
Chemistry of Noble Gassesp-Block Elements
Organic Chemistry
Structure and bondingMechanism of Organic Reactions
Alkanes & CycloalkanesStereochemistry of Organic Compounds
Alkenes and Cycloalkenes. Dienes and Alkynes.Aromaticity and Arenes
Alkyl and Aryl Halides
Physical Chemistry
Mathematical ConceptsComputers
Gaseous StatesLiquid State
Solid StatesColloidal States
Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis

Computer Science

Computer Science Course Curriculum for BSc
Computer Organization and Embedded System FundamentalsIntroduction to Database Management Systems
Introduction to Python ProgrammingIntroduction to C
Introduction to Programming ConceptsIntroduction to the Number System and Codes
Introduction of Windows Features, ApplicationAdvanced Programming with Python
Control StructuresFunctions
Discrete MathematicsComputer Graphics
C++ ProgrammingJava Programming
Discrete StructuresData Structures
Database Management SystemsSoftware Engineering
Operating SystemsComputer Networks
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsInternet Technologies
Theory of ComputationArtificial Intelligence
Computer GraphicsData Communication &
Advanced JavaDBMS
Operating SystemsNetworking & Security
Principles of Web Design & Web Technologies
Dot Net Technologies
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Depending on the subject, BSc graduates may find employment in a variety of sectors, including educational institutes, medical industry, pharmaceuticals and biologic industry, chemical industry and research firms, testing labs, wastewater plants, and oil industry. It is recommended that BSc graduates first obtain their MSc degree before looking for a job.

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Below are some popular jobs that BSc-level graduates could pursue after completing the course.

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These are some of the most prominent recruiters for BSc students:

Top Companies Hiring BSc Graduates
IBMHCL Technologies
L&T InfotechCapgemini
Reliance Industries LimitedCipla
SRF LimitedGujarat Fluorochemicals
Gharda ChemicalsGlenmark Pharmaceuticals

Q. Q.

A. A. It all depends on the individual’s interests. Here are some popular BSc programs that provide good job opportunities after graduation.

A. After Class 12, there are many popular courses in science and art. BE/BTech, MBBS (Bachelor of Architecture), BSc, Bachelor of Computer Applications, (BCA), BSc(IT & Software), Post Basic Nurse, Bachelor of Pharmacy, (BPharma), etc. are some of the popular science options after Class 12. There are many popular science options for those who have completed Class 12.

A. Here are some government jobs available after a BSc.

A. These are the top academic courses you can take after a BSc.

A. The majority of IITs don’t offer BSc, but MSc courses. However,?Few IITs, such as IIT Kharagpur or IIT Kanpur, offer BSc and integrated BSc programs to students.

A. Below is the India Today 2020 ranking of India’s top three science colleges.

B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology) is often considered to be better than BSc because it is a 4-year technical professional course that offers good career prospects.

After Class 12, Science students are most familiar with the A. BSc undergraduate degree program. It is a regular course but many colleges/universities also offer BSc course from distance education. These are some of the most popular colleges that offer BSc distance education:

A. A. Whatever stream you choose to study, your preparation and techniques will ultimately make you a winner.

Q. Q. Which are the best companies that hire BSc-educated graduates?

A. Google, IBM and Yahoo are just a few of the many companies that hire BSc-qualified graduates based on their specialization.

Q. Q. Which BSc specialisations are most popular in India?

There are many popular BSc specialisations available in India, including Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, Computer Science, Botany and Zoology, Animation, Mathematics, and many others.What’s Hot on B.Sc. What’s Trending on B.Sc.

The last three months of student visits to Shiksha have helped identify popular Colleges, Colleges, Programs and Specializations. The relative score is a range of 0 to 100. 100 indicates the most visits to the college, course, or exam, while 50 means half as many.

the post, in this post you learn about in this blog you are learning about bsc full form, bsc ka full form,bsc full form in hindi.. You got all information in this blog. bsc full form, bsc ka full form,bsc full form in hindi.. I hope you got lot of information form this blog. cheers!

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