Brunch: Meaning, Definition, Synonyms, And Usage In Sentences

Brunch Definition

“Brunch” is a word that combines “breakfast” and “lunch.” It’s a meal you eat in the late morning or early afternoon, usually after breakfast time but before lunchtime. It’s a mix of both breakfast and lunch foods and is often enjoyed on weekends or special occasions.

Brunch Meaning I What Is A Brunch?

“Brunch” is a yummy meal that you have when it’s not quite breakfast time anymore, but it’s also not yet lunchtime. It’s a mix of breakfast and lunch foods, and people usually enjoy it on weekends or when they want a relaxed and tasty meal in the late morning or early afternoon.


  1. On Sundays, my family likes to go out for brunch and enjoy eggs, pancakes, and fruit.
  2. We had a delicious brunch at the café, with a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and coffee.
  3. Let’s meet up for brunch tomorrow and have a combination of omelets and salads.
  4. The restaurant offers a special weekend brunch menu with both breakfast and lunch options.
  5. I love the relaxed atmosphere of brunch, where I can enjoy a waffle and a sandwich together.
  6. For Mother’s Day, we surprised Mom with a homemade brunch featuring quiches and fresh fruit.
  7. The hotel’s Sunday brunch buffet includes a wide range of dishes from bacon and eggs to sushi.
  8. We decided to have a small birthday brunch gathering with muffins, yogurt, and some savory treats.
  9. Some cafes are known for their creative brunch offerings, like avocado toast and breakfast burritos.
  10. Our favorite part of the weekend is having a leisurely brunch with friends and chatting over croissants and coffee.


  1. Late Breakfast: A meal eaten later in the morning that combines elements of both breakfast and lunch.
  2. Mid-Morning Meal: A combination of breakfast and lunch dishes enjoyed around late morning.
  3. Breakfast-Lunch: A term combining the words “breakfast” and “lunch” to describe the mid-morning meal.
  4. Weekend Brunch: A special meal often enjoyed on weekends that includes both breakfast and lunch foods.
  5. Morning Feast: A lavish meal in the morning that includes a mix of breakfast and lunch items.
  6. Lunch-Breakfast: A fusion of lunch and breakfast dishes served during the late morning hours.
  7. Midday Meal: A combination of breakfast and lunch foods consumed around midday.
  8. Morning Luncheon: A mid-morning meal that combines elements of breakfast and lunch.
  9. Late Morning Gathering: A social meal event held around late morning, featuring breakfast and lunch options.
  10. Mid-Morning Feast: A hearty meal enjoyed during the late morning hours with a mix of foods.

Brunch: Usage In English Sentences

  1. Let’s meet for brunch this Sunday and enjoy a relaxed meal together.
  2. I love the idea of having pancakes and sandwiches at the same time during brunch.
  3. The hotel’s rooftop restaurant offers a fantastic view while you indulge in a delicious brunch.
  4. On Saturdays, I usually treat myself to a hearty brunch with friends after a busy week.
  5. We decided to surprise our family with a special homemade brunch on Mother’s Day.
  6. The café down the street is known for its amazing avocado toast during Sunday brunch.
  7. I’m looking forward to the weekend so that I can sleep in and enjoy a leisurely brunch.
  8. The church organized a community brunch to bring everyone together after the morning service.
  9. The bakery is offering a new selection of pastries for its Sunday brunch menu.
  10. We enjoyed a delightful brunch at the riverside cafe, sipping coffee and watching the boats go by.

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