Augment: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Usage In English Sentences

Augment Definition

“Augment” means to make something bigger or better. It’s like adding extra to improve it. For example, you can augment your savings by putting more money into your piggy bank.

Augment Meaning

“Augment” means to increase, enlarge, or enhance something in size, quantity, value, or intensity. It’s used when you want to make something bigger or better.

For example, you might augment your knowledge by reading more books or augment your team by hiring new members. It’s a word used to describe the act of adding to or improving something to make it greater.

Augment Pronunciation

The word “augment” is pronounced as /ɔːɡˈmɛnt/ in phonetic symbols. In simpler terms, you can break down the pronunciation as follows:

  • “aw” as in “saw”
  • “g” as in “go”
  • “m” as in “mum”
  • “eh” as in “bed”
  • “nt” as in “rent”

So, when said together, it sounds like “awg-MENT.”

Augment Examples

Certainly, here are some examples of how “augment” can be used in sentences:

  1. Sarah decided to augment her workout routine by adding an extra 15 minutes of cardio each day.
  2. The company plans to augment its product line by introducing new features that customers have been asking for.
  3. They used spices to augment the flavor of the dish, making it more delicious and enjoyable.
  4. The team’s efforts to augment their fundraising resulted in a significant increase in donations for the charity.
  5. He decided to augment his skills by enrolling in an online course to learn a new programming language.
  6. The orchestra decided to augment its musical repertoire by including more modern compositions in their performances.
  7. The city’s decision to augment public transportation led to increased convenience for commuters.
  8. The chef used fresh herbs and ingredients to augment the taste of the soup, creating a richer and more flavorful experience.
  9. The manager hired new employees to augment the existing workforce and handle the growing demand.
  10. The company invested in technology to augment their productivity and streamline their operations.

In these examples, “augment” is used to describe the action of enhancing, improving, or adding to something to make it better or larger.

Augment: Usage In English Sentences

Certainly, here are sentences that use the word “augment”:

  1. To meet the rising demand, the factory decided to augment its production capacity by adding new machines.
  2. She used various resources to augment her research, making her presentation more comprehensive and informative.
  3. The school district is planning to hire additional teachers to augment the current staff and reduce class sizes.
  4. The chef used a secret ingredient to augment the flavor of the sauce, delighting the diners with its unique taste.
  5. The company’s marketing campaign aims to augment brand awareness and reach a wider audience.
  6. The artist decided to augment the painting by adding vibrant colors to the background, making the artwork more dynamic.
  7. The nonprofit organization relies on volunteers to augment their efforts in providing assistance to the community.
  8. The team decided to augment their brainstorming session with creative exercises to generate more innovative ideas.
  9. To augment their income, they started a small online business selling handmade crafts.
  10. The city council approved a plan to augment the public park by adding new playground equipment and picnic areas.

In these sentences, “augment” is used to describe the action of increasing, enhancing, or improving various aspects of different situations.

What is Augment?

“Augment” is a verb that means to make something larger, better, or more substantial by adding to it or enhancing its qualities. It involves the process of increasing the size, value, quantity, or effectiveness of something.

When you augment something, you are essentially improving or expanding it in some way. This term is often used when discussing improvements, enhancements, or additions that lead to a positive change or a more favorable outcome.

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