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Asian Paints Colour Shade Card

Manufacturers of shade cards/color card manufacturers for paints and threads. Shade cards can be used as a mirror for a product. Enamel, paints, such as Blue, Green, Yellow Cream, and Buff, and Red, Orange, Gray, and Violet.

Royale Play has a variety of effects that can be applied to the interior walls of your house. This water-based line is inspired by different themes from all over the globe.

Asian Paints is a major player in the painting industry. Their professional painting service boasts impressive claims. Let me paint another picture with their canvas. This is how I understand the painting service.

In its current form, Asian paints does little more than secure the painting contract. All the advertisement and flowery web sites are used to secure the painting contract. Once they have the contract in place, they will subcontract the project out to local vendors. The only condition is that the vendor use their products. That’s all. They live happily in their utopian world, hoping that the vendor does a good job. He does …( Penalty.

A few members of the vendor’s staff are designated to oversee the painting. These staff lack the professional knowledge and professionalism that they deserve. They are often not given any supervision. This effectively reduces the job to the lowest rung of the ladder, the painter. In the following paragraphs, I will attempt to highlight some of the trauma and issues I experienced.

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Supervisory staff seldom, if ever, visit site so that the painters have a free hand. As my family and I remained in the house throughout the project, it meant that I had to assume the role of supervisor. We had the opportunity to move up to the second floor, as it was not being painted. The contract covered the exterior, as well as the work area and garage.

It suffices to say that the vendor was not professional and caused me and my family severe inconvenience. The vendor also lost a lot of money.

  1. Brass knobs, hinges, and bolts were painted. This led to time delays in cleaning the area. They still have paint despite my best efforts.

2. They were found painting dangerous surfaces without any safety gear (life is expensive in this country). I insisted that a safety rope be tied around their waste. If a painter fell, I believe he would not fracture his scull, but would certainly injure his midriff.

  1. Poor masking skills and techniques can lead to paint spillage on the floor and other surfaces.
  2. The vitrified tiles were then scratched with a sharp metal sheet.

5. There is no tarpaul to cover tiles flooring outside of the house. This can lead to paint spillage. These tiles are porous and absorb paint, causing permanent discoloration. A thinner was applied to the Porus surface.

9. Crack filling was not done correctly. I had to tell the painters that crack filling compound was better than putty. I was able to give all the instructions that should have been given by the supervisors, even though they were absent.

7. The painters refused to leave the premises late, despite being given more time. After 4:30 pm, everyone would begin getting ready for departure. Leave at 5pm.

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I doubt that anyone was taking stock of their work output. I knew how efficient or inefficient they used their time.

After days of work, you can clean the painted areas in a satisfactory or complete manner.

It was, in conclusion, a very difficult experience. Asian paints still has a lot of work to do before they can reach the international standard in painting. They are not recommended to friends. An enemy …maybe. It is best to find a competent painter and buy the material. Then supervise yourself. It will be better than these jokers, I can promise you.

Finally, one benefit was derived from this sordid drama.

To prevent me from writing a distasteful review, the vendor offered to do some additional work as a kind of compensation.

It is not necessary to mention the name of the vendor.

I must leave right now to start looking for wood flooring for my floors that are damaged. You are welcome to come back.

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