Anonymous Definition, Meaning & Synonyms and Example

Definitions of anonymously

adverb without giving a name

“she wrote these letters anonymously

Anonymous meaning in english

Unidentified/ Unnamed

Anonymous” refers to a condition or state where the identity of a person or entity is concealed or not disclosed. In other words, when something is anonymous, the name, identity, or origin of the individual or group involved is intentionally kept hidden or unknown. This can apply to various situations, such as when someone provides information or expresses opinions without revealing their name, or when an action is taken without publicizing the responsible party.


Familiar/ Named


Undisclosed/ Incognito

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Example sentence from the anonymous

  1. “An anonymous donor generously contributed to the local charity, helping fund new programs for underprivileged children.”
  2. “The article was published under an anonymous byline, raising questions about the credibility of the information presented.”
  3. “Someone left an anonymous note on my desk, thanking me for my help during the project.”
  4. “The online forum allows users to post anonymously, facilitating open discussions on sensitive topics.”
  5. “The street artist remains anonymous, yet their thought-provoking murals have gained widespread attention.”
  6. “The company conducted an anonymous survey to gather honest feedback from employees about their workplace experiences.”
  7. “The whistleblower chose to remain anonymous to protect their safety and job security.”
  8. “An anonymous tip led the police to the location of the missing person.”
  9. “The author of the famous medieval poem remains anonymous, shrouding the work in mystery.”
  10. “The company’s decision to implement an anonymous suggestion box encouraged employees to share improvement ideas without fear of reprisal.”

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