Adverb Examples (50 Sentences)

50 Most Common Adverbs, Meanings, and Example Sentences

Table of Content

  • accidentally
  • actually
  • always
  • annually
  • anxiously
  • arrogantly
  • awkwardly
  • beautifully
  • bitterly
  • bravely
  • briefly
  • carefully
  • certainly
  • daily
  • doubtfully
  • easily
  • especially
  • exactly
  • fairly
  • generally
  • greatly
  • happily
  • helpfully
  • honestly
  • immediately
  • jealously
  • keenly
  • lively
  • miserably
  • mysteriously
  • naturally
  • officially
  • often
  • politely
  • quickly
  • randomly
  • rapidly
  • regularly
  • seldom
  • slowly
  • suddenly
  • thankfully
  • unexpectedly
  • unfortunately
  • usefully
  • voluntarily
  • wrongly
  • yesterday
  • zealously


Meaning – by chance, accidentally

Examples of Sentences

  • Found the first African gold mineInadvertently.
  • SheInadvertentlyHit her with the car.


Meaning – In fact, in reality, initially, actually, indeed

Examples of Sentences

  • IActuallyThis has been mentioned before.
  • But…ActuallyI am very tired.


Meaning: At all times, at all occasions.

Examples of Sentences

  • IAlwaysWe agree. It is important to remember it.
  • SheAlwaysIt does.


Meaning Every year, once a calendar year

Examples of Sentences

  • The meeting will take placeAnnual.
  • The Champions League final will be heldAnnual.

Be anxious

Meaning: uneasily, apprehensively

Examples of Sentences

  • The incident was observed by the policeYou are anxious.
  • The teacher was anxious to know the answer.
adverb examples sentences


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Meaning – cheekily, insolently

Examples of Sentences

  • Yesterday, my father was subject to such cruel treatment.Arrogantly.
  • He joined the classArrogant.


Meaning : In an ungainly, clumsily and lubberly

Examples of Sentences

  • The intern was a very talented individual.Inconvenient.
  • This would beAn awkward situation.


Meaning: nicely, fine, prettily

Examples of Sentences

  • Jennifer aniston was dressedBeautiful.
  • Dancers performedBeautiful.
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Meaning means: In an angry, hurt and poignantly

Examples of Sentences

  • The countries that fought in World War II werebitterly.
  • Her daughter criedbitterly.


Meaning – boldly, courageously and valiantly

Examples of Sentences

  • He apologized and went to him.Courage!.
  • If you are doing it, don’t be afraid to show your courageCourage!, you’il succeed.

Listed briefly

Meaning : For a brief time, in a short

Examples of Sentences

  • My father and me spokeListed briefly.
  • Let’s take a moment to pauseListed brieflyTo eat.

Take care

Meaning: cautiously, attentively,

Examples of Sentences

  • He watches the gameTake care.
  • Listen to your teacherTake care.


Meaning : absolutely, strictly, definitely

Examples of Sentences

  • YouCertainMake a good-looking footballer.
  • It willCertainToday it is raining.


Meaning: Every day, every weekday

Examples of Sentences

  • Tell me, my son, about your experience.DailyLife.
  • My children drink milk every day.


Meaning: suspiciously

Examples of Sentences

  • The judge was accused of theft.Doubtful.
  • He approached the policeDoubtful.

It is easy

Meaning: Easily, quickly, easily, and without difficulty

Examples of Sentences

  • My father doesn’t cryIt is easy.
  • George is tiredIt is easy.


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Meaning : especially, in particular, specifically, exclusively

Examples of Sentences

  • The government should take actionParticularlyGlobal warming
  • IParticularlySummer vacations are my favorite.

Just what it says

Meaning : completely, totally, in total, quite

Examples of Sentences

  • We are notJust what it says sure.
  • Sorry, this isn’t right.Just what it saysWhat we wanted.


Meaning – with justice

Examples of Sentences

  • It’sfairlyIt is cold today.
  • The judge actedfairly.


Meaning: Usually, in most cases

Examples of Sentences

  • In generalI agree with my boss.
  • In generalI’m happy with my situation.

It is very important

Meaning : very, too much, so many

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Examples of Sentences

  • We areIt is very importantImpressive
  • He was so happy.It is very importantIt is uncomfortable to speak like that.


Meaning: In a happy way

Examples of Sentences

  • The baby smiledHappily.
  • My sister sangHappily.

It’s very helpful

Meaning : A way to provide help

Examples of Sentences

  • The teacher then gave her her name.It’s very helpful spelt it.
  • According to the police,It’s very helpful.


Meaning : fair, honestly, faithfully, correctly, and honestly

Examples of Sentences

  • TrulyI’m sorry, but this is all I can tell you.
  • TrulyYou were not going to win this competition, but I was wrong.


Meaning: immediately, immediately, quickly, instantly

Examples of Sentences

  • He quit the classImmediately after class.
  • SheImmediatelyAnswering questions is easy.
adverb sentences

Be jealous

Meaning : jaundice, envy

Examples of Sentences

  • He is very activeBe jealous.

Take note

Meaning – eagerly, on tiptoe

Examples of Sentences

  • He started to workTake note.
  • The cat wagging its tailWe are eager to help.


Meaning: Full of life and energy

Examples of Sentences

  • My son is quite a bitLively.


Meaning :

Examples of Sentences

  • He failedmiserably.


Meaning : In a way that is hard to understand

Examples of Sentences

  • The detective was locatedMysteriously murdered.


Meaning : Inherently, intrinsically, as part of the course

Examples of Sentences

  • He speaks French wellNaturally.


Meaning formally, on record

Examples of Sentences

  • The World War II wasOfficiallyOver.
  • The winner will beOfficiallyTomorrow’s announcement.


Meaning: Many times, often

Examples of Sentences

  • SheOftenReads a book.
  • IOftenHeadaches can be a problem


Meaning: kindly, gently, mildly and civilly

Examples of Sentences

  • Your daughter should have spoken up morePolitely.
  • The doctorPolitelyExamined the patient.

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Meaning: quickly, quickly, swiftly, and speedily

Examples of Sentences

  • Drug actsQuickThe patient.
  • I wish your father a speedy recoveryQuick.
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Meaning: indiscriminately

Examples of Sentences

  • TeacherRandomly prepared math questions.
  • The books were orderedRandomlyOn the shelf


Meaning: quickly, fast, swiftly, quick, speedily

Examples of Sentences

  • She looked at me.RapidlyIn the room.
  • 2018 saw a decline in factory productionRapidly.


Meaning – In good order, methodically

Examples of Sentences

  • The tables in the classroom were set up in aRegularly.
  • They write articlesRegularly.


Meaning: Occasionally, rarely, occasionally, once in awhile

Examples of Sentences

  • My motherRarely smokes.
  • Mr. SmithRarelyVisits her parents.


Meaning: quietly, gingerly, soft, stepwise, in quiet

Examples of Sentences

  • The gardenerSlowlyThe garden was watered.
  • The Governor spokeSlowly.


Meaning: All at once, abruptly, sharp, and short

Examples of Sentences

  • The economySuddenly began to deteriorate.
  • He suddenly interrupted us .

Thank you

Meaning: In a grateful manner

Examples of Sentences

  • Thank you!He was not hurt in the accident.


Meaning: unawares, unbeknownst, unbeknown

Examples of Sentences

  • He quit the schoolUnexpectedly.
  • The dawn of the light was upon usUnexpectedly.


Meaning: unhappily, unluckily

Examples of Sentences

  • UnfortunatelyAll of them died in the accident.
  • UnfortunatelyMy son failed the exam.


Meaning : In a way that’s beneficial

Examples of Sentences

  • These were the things we wanted to do.Useful.



Examples of Sentences

  • She supports this teamVoluntary.


Meaning: incorrectly, mistake

Examples of Sentences

  • This letter isWrongAdressed.


Meaning: On the day before today.

Examples of Sentences

  • Yesterday, she wrote to me.

Be zealous

Meaning : A person who is driven to achieve a cause or goal.

Examples of Sentences

  • She started to study.Be zealous.

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