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Full FormCategoryTerm
Additional Commissioner of PoliceIndian Police RankACP
Assistant Commissioner of PoliceIndian Police RankACP
Airline Control ProgramInformation TechnologyACP
Acb Compressed File ArchiveFile TypeACP
Microsoft Office Assistant Preview FileFile TypeACP
Application Control ParameterSoftwaresACP
Azimuth Counter PulseElectronicsACP
Anticipated Cash ProviderAccounts and FinanceACP
Annual Compensation PaymentAccounts and FinanceACP
Average Conditional ProbabilityAccounts and FinanceACP
Activities, Channels, and PoolsAccounts and FinanceACP
Average Contribution PercentageAccounts and FinanceACP
Automated Change ProcessingSpace ScienceACP
Average Contribution PercentMeasurement UnitACP
Associated Computer ProfessionalJob TitleACP
African, Caribbean, and PacificCountry SpecificACP
Ansi Code PageComputer Assembly LanguageACP
Advanced Co-processorComputer HardwareACP
Administrator’s Control PanelComputer HardwareACP
Appalachian College of PharmacyEducational InstituteACP
American College of PhlebologyEducational InstituteACP
Alberta College of PharmacistsEducational InstituteACP
American College of Phlebology’sEducational InstituteACP
Advance College ProjectEducational InstituteACP
Active Control PointEarth ScienceACP
American Center for PhysicsPhysics RelatedACP
Atmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsPhysics RelatedACP
Actual Contribution PercentageStock ExchangeACP
Allied Communications ProtocolMilitary and DefenceACP
Allied Communications PublicationMilitary and DefenceACP
Area Coordination PaperMilitary and DefenceACP
Army Capabilities PlanMilitary and DefenceACP
Automated Command PostMilitary and DefenceACP
Airspace Control PlanMilitary and DefenceACP
Automatic Cartridge PistolMilitary and DefenceACP
Adjacent Channel PowerMilitary and DefenceACP
Automatic Centerfire PistolMilitary and DefenceACP
Auto Colt PistolMilitary and DefenceACP
Armament Cooperative ProjectMilitary and DefenceACP
Air Cadet PublicationMilitary and DefenceACP
Access Control PointMilitary and DefenceACP
Air Commander’s PointerMilitary and DefenceACP
Assign Common PoolMilitary and DefenceACP

What is ACP in its fullest form?

ACP in its entirety is

 It is a top rank in the IPS (Indian Police Service). The ACP is a rank that is used by police forces around the world. This rank is used in many countries in revenue administrations like income tax, property and customs. The ACP of Land Taxes is also given magisterial power by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, which allows him to resolve disputes.

There are two possible routes to the grade.

  • Either one can be chosen after passing the UPSC review and interview
  • After 15-20 years of service in the state police system, you are eligible to be elevated. The ACP is the highest rank after the rank of Police Commissioner in Indian Police Service.
  • ACP is highly respected and considered one of the most noble positions.
  • The ACP is responsible to manage the department’s daily affairs, including criminal and related offenses.
  • He is also responsible for providing positive feedback on departmental decisions, strategies, and behavior.
  • The ACP is responsible to its superior authorities. If necessary, the ACP can also make the required information.

What is ACP in its fullest form?

ACP: Assistant Commissioner for Police

ACP stands to Assistant Commissioner for Police. This is a rank or designation that is used in many police forces around the world. ACP in India is one of the highest ranks within IPS (Indian Police Service). It is also a designation that falls under the Indian Police Service.

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Besides this, this rank is also used in other departments like revenue administrations such as income tax, customs, land, etc. The ACP of land revenues also have the magisterial powers like a SDM and thus can settle disputes.

One or more Assistant Commissioners may be assigned to a police force in a metropolitan area. The Commissioner of Police appoints the ACP of a metropolitan area. Section 50 of the 1996 Police Act provides for the appointment of an ACP of a city.

ACP is responsible to manage day-to-day operations, which include law and order and prevention crime. ACP also contributes to departmental policies, actions and decisions. His higher authorities are accountable to the ACP. ACP can also exercise the powers and duties of the Commissioner with the consent of the Commissioner.

How do you become an ACP?

You must be an ACP to become one clear the UPSC exam . These exams are administered by the Union Public Service Commission Board. This exam requires that you choose IPS. Both the DSP and IPS officers can be promoted to ACP. The State police officers can also be ACP . After a career that has been successful for 10 to 15 years. You must have a bachelor’s from an accredited university or educational board in order to be eligible for this exam. The candidate must also be an Indian citizen and have attained 21 years of age. Different categories have different maximum age limits, such as General, SC and OBC, ST, for example.

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