Aadhaar Card Address Change/Update Form PDF

Use the link at the bottom to download the PDF of the Aadhaar card Address Change/Update Form PDF.

Aadhaar Card Update/Address Change Form

This is the application form for Address Change/update form issued by UIDAI. It can be downloaded from their official website. https://uidai.gov.in/, or it can be obtained from the nearest Aadhaar Center or it can be directly downloaded from the link given below in PDF format for free.

Aadhaar Card address change/update form: Details to be included

  • Types of Residents
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Full Name
  • Current Address
  • Change your address
  • Name of the Certifiers
  • Destination
  • Address of the Office
  • Any other details

Process for Change/Update Address and Other Details

  • Fill out this application form for the first applicant. Attach the proof of such a change in address or other details.
  • If applicants do not have proof of change of address, he can certify the form to the following people
    • Gazetted Officer – Group A
    • Village Panchayat Head, or Mukhiya
    • Gazetted Officer – Group B
    • MP/ MLA/ MLC/ Muncipal Councilor
    • Tehsildar
    • Head of Recognized Education Institution
    • Superintendent/ Warden/ Matron/ Head Institution
    • Recognized shelter houses/ Orphanages
    • Officer EPFO
  • Then You have to visit the nearest Aadhaar Center along with this form you may apply for the change of address, and you may also apply online for such Address change in Aadhaar Number through this link – Address Change Link
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UIDAI allows users of Aadhaar cards to change their address without requiring any documentation. Aadhaar cardholders were allowed to change their address, if they have not provided proof of identity.

New Delhi: The Unique Identification Authority of India has temporarily halted a vital facility that allows you to change your Aadhaar card’s address without a proof of address.

UIDAI allows users of Aadhaar cards to change their address without requiring any documentation. Aadhaar card holders can update their address, if they consent to the authentication of the address verifier. An address verifier can be a relative, friend, landlord or family member who will allow the Aadhaar card holder to use their address as proof.

UIDAI has now halted this facility. UIDAI responded to an Aadhaar Card holder by tweeting that the ability to update address on Aadhaar Card via Address Validation Letter has been discontinued. UIDAI has asked the Aadhaar issuer to remind the user that they can update their address by using another valid PoA document.

Dear Resident: The Address Validation Letter service has been removed until further notice. Kindly request your address update using another valid PoA document from the list https://t.co/BeqUA0pkqL

— Aadhaar (@UIDAI) June 14, 2021

UIDAI lists the following documents as POA documents (Proof Of Address) documents that contain Name and Address for Aadhaar cards


Statement/Passbook for Post Office Accounts

 Driving license

 Water Bill (not older that 3 months)

 Telephone Landline Bill (not older that 3 months)

Credit Card Statement (not older that 3 months).

Signed letter with photo from registered company on letterhead

Pensioner Card

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Freedom Fighter Card

 Kissan Passbook

 Passport of Spouse

Passport of parents (in the case of minors)

Central/ State Govt. Issued an allotment letter for accommodation. (Not more than 3 years)

Bhamashah Card/Jan Aadhaar card issued Governmentt. Rajasthan

Certificate from the Superintendent/ Warden/ Matron/ Head Of Institution of recognized shelter homes, orphanages etc. on UIDAI standard certificate format for enrolment/ update

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