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“Tiapancha has told the story of the movie 14 Phere, which looks like a nightmare from its script. These are not the same round stops as Jalebi. Lachcha continues making lachcha, but the most sensitive issues such as interracial marriage and honor killing, the exploitation of women, etc., are not addressed. These issues are left out of the story. The problem with this screenplay is that it spends less than half an hour trying shape the characters.

This film was acted by Vikrant Masey and Gauhar Khan. Vikrant Massey has mastered the art of changing facial expressions to suit different situations. His actions change moment to moment as a result of the emergency call that reached Jehanabad. Communication is also a key factor in the challenges they face. He still manages to paint every single time. Kriti Kharbanda seems to have a fixed template for his acting.

Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV’s reporter, said in a review that “Had the film been as casually about the repercussions putrid paternalism? It might have squeezed out some humour if its less laboured moments are more frequent and far apart.” 14 Phere, with its questionable messaging is not funny.

Outlook’s Eshita Bargava interviews Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda about the film, their characters and their journey in the industry.

What Did It Take To Put Together '14 Phere'? Hear It From Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda And Director Devanshu

Sanjay Lal Singh comes from a traditional Rajput family in Bihar, but has now moved to Delhi to further his education.

14 Phere” is a funny movie that takes a look at our culture and traditions that have not changed with the times. This comedy-drama tells the story of a couple who wants to marry but doesn’t want their families to be hurt. So, they arrange two fake weddings to tie the knot

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Sanjay Lal Singh comes from a traditional Rajput family in Bihar, but has now moved to Delhi to further his education. Aditi Karwasara is from a Jaipur traditional Rajasthani family. They fall in love, and they even start to live together and work together at the same place. It’s fascinating to see what happens next.

Outlook’s Eshita Bargava interviews Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda about the film, their characters and their journey in the industry. Excerpts

After deciding on the topic…

Manoj Talwani wrote the script. He also wrote the dialogues as well as the screenplay. It was the first book I had ever read and it immediately captivated me. It was something that the filmmaker in me wanted to create, but it took me a year and half to realize my dream. I could identify with the characters. Sanjay is from Bihar. Aditi and Sanju were my siblings. I grew up with loving siblings.

Why is ‘14 Phere?

It’s a wonderful title! It’s great fun in 7 pheras. Now, it’s 14 – double the fun, twice the drama.

Why Vikrant & Kriti?

They were my destiny. They were magic to me.

The character of Vikrant & Kriti…

Kriti:Aditi chose to play the role. Devanshu allowed me to play the role. He is very close to the character and knew exactly how Aditi should be. His direction and the script were the reason I was able execute the role. The story of Aditi and Sanju was intriguing to me, and I knew that I wanted the role. Although I had only read the script I was so enthralled by it that I was able bring something to the table.

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Vikrant:The script was written so well that I found myself captivated by it and wanted to be a part of it. These were the things Sanjay believed in. I could relate to them. I wanted to contribute to the message that the film had to share. Sanjay, Aditi and their cause are my belief. It was an honor to be able to do something that I’d never done before. Because the story is so beautiful, I chose to make this film. Kriti was a part of the film, which I found out about immediately. Her work was something I had seen in the past so I was familiar with her acting abilities and wanted to collaborate.

A mixture of ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, ‘Golmaal and ‘Chupke Chupke’

“Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” is a film about a wedding that you can watch together. There’s no villain, no conflict until ‘Bhabhi Ji’ dies. ‘Chupke Chupke’ and ‘Golmaal’ are films full of values and laughter. These films were what I watched growing up. I can see myself paying a perfect tribute in my own way to Sooraj Barjatya Ji & Hrishikesh Mukhaerjee Ji with ’14 Phere. I come from a middle-class background and have been raised with such values. I wanted to create something I could relate to. The film will be relatable to many people.

Their journey through the industry…

Vikrant:God has been kind. People have also been kind. It’s all part of our journey. My career has seen me grow in many areas. If I hadn’t met people who said that I couldn’t make it in Bollywood, I may not be here today. They were the ones who encouraged me to work harder and do better. They pushed me so hard and helped me recognize my potential. I don’t see any negative connotations. I was a child when people would say, “Yeh Lokhandwala Ka TV actor hai” or “You’ve been very exposed to the audience.” This helped me tremendously. You are the one who must be strong and persistent. It’s still a long way before I can do what I want. My audience appreciates my work and my directors and writers are making films for us.

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Kriti:All of these things could have been worse if my family had not been there for me when I began. It all works when your family is there to support you. Many things have been said about my life, but none of them were relevant to me. Negativity is not something I need in my life. My work is proud of me and I feel fulfilled when I look back at the 12 years of industry experience. My first day on set of a Telugu movie is still vivid in my mind. I was an 18-year old girl who was completely unfamiliar with the language and had never shot a scene in her life. I had no idea what I was doing. As an artist and person, I have learned a lot.

If they have become picky…

Vikrant:God has been generous, as I’ve said before. My goal is to take on roles that challenge me. I want to share a story with others – one that resonates with me while I read the script. It is a conscious decision not to accept all things.

Kriti:I work hard, and now I have the freedom to make my own decisions. I worked in the past to make money. I don’t mind admitting that, because at the end, I have a house. I work hard to make sure I can choose what I want in my life.

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