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Here’s a list of123 Pairs of WordsWith meaning

It is(show possession).It’sIt is
Accept(consent to be received)Other(other than)
Access(approach or enter).Exceeds(More than is necessary)
AdoptLegally takeAdapt (become adjusted)
Accept(confess to believe)Confess(admit when something is wrong)
Advice(Guidance)Recommendations(offer suggestions)
Affection(love).Affectation (pretention)
Enmity(Feeling of active hostility).Amity(Friendship).
Amoral (lack moral sense)Immoral(sinful).
Appraise(Assessment or estimate)Apprise(inform).
Attention(action of dealing)Intention(an objective or plan)
Negative(strong dislike)Negative(harmful).
Avocation(hobby).Vocation(trade, profession)
There are many things(a large number)Allot(Give)
All ready(Completely prepared)Already(As of now)
Allusion(suggestive)You can escape(evade, escape)
Award(Prize to someone)Reward(something given in recognition for effort)
Alternate(every other)Alternate(Another option)
The EffectMake a differenceIn effect(bring around)
Amiable(lovable).It is possible to be flexible(friendly)
Angle(Space between two intersecting lines).AngelPerson of exceptional conduct
AnticipatePrepare yourself forWhat to Expect(likely to occur)
It took a while(a time period)Until next time(for short time)
Anecdote(amusing story, tale)Antidote(medicine)
Other than(a portion from)Other than(next to)
Between(used to make two objects)Among(surrounded by more than one)
Reverse(back towards starting point)Backward(Directed behind)
Bored(feeling anxious and weary).Board(A piece of wood)
Break(separate into pieces)Brake(instrument to slow down vehicle).
Breathe(Air inhaled and expelled from the lungs).Breathe(take air into your lungs or expel it from them)
Bridal(concern for bride)BridleHeadgear to control horses
CanvasStrong cloth made from hempCanvass(propose).
Children like(innocent).Childish(immature).
Be confident(Assured).Confidant(Best friend)
Conscious(Aware)Conscience(sense of right).
Contemptuous(disrespectful)It is not to be missed(mean, ignoble).
ConvinceInduce someone to do somethingPersuade(Induce someone by reasons)
Counsel(advice).Council(board, panel)
Criterion(Basis)Criteria(plural, base)
Dining(loud noise)Dining(Eating activity)
Dissent(disagreement).Descent(going down)
Diary(journal)Dairy(Made from milk)
Dessert(dessert)Desert(empty, abandon)
Disinterested(impartial).Uninterested(Not interested)
Elect(opt to do something)Choose(pick)
Entomology(branch of Zoology)Etymology(Study of Origin)
Particularly(Mostly, mostly)Particularly(for a special purpose)
Everyday(daily).Every Day(each day)
The extent(area)Current(surviving)
Faze(disturb someone).Phase(stage)
Farther(comparative to far)Continue reading(at, to).
FewerA small number ofLess(to smaller extent)
Previously(Sometime ago)Formally(Legally)
Hanged(Be suspended)Hung(emotionally confused).
Heroine(brave woman).Heroin(addictive drug)
Hour(periodical time)Our(Belonging to Us)
Illusion(spectre).Allusion(refer to)
Immigration(Migration from another country)Emigrate(Leave the Country)
The latest(Newest)Last(rear).
Led(Says the way)Lead(Guide)
Lightning(very quickly)Lightening(Make something)
Loose(insecure, baggy)Lose(misplacement)
Martial Arts(military).Marital(matrimonial)
Medal(made from some metal)Meddle(interfere).
Naval(Marine)Navel(tummy button).
Get it now(currently)Be awareRealize
Pass(proceed, go).Past(bygone).
Patience(tolerance)Patient(suffer, victim)
Poring(study, examine)Poured(spew flow)
Principal(main, chief).Principle(truth).
Pray(Preface to polite requestPrey(Hunt, kill)
Premier(Foremost)Premiere(opening, debut)
Proceed(Move on)Precede(Come first)
Right(fair, good)Write(note, record).
Role(Part)Roll(spin, travel).
Site(plot, area).Sight(eyesight).
Stationery(Office material)Stationary(Fixed)
More Than(used as a comparison)NextAt that moment
There are(at that location)They(belonging with people)
Too(over, unduly)To(motion in direction)
Abfall(misuse).Waist(part of the human body)
No matter what(inquire about)WeatherAtmosphere (atmosphere)
Who is it?(belong to).Who is the winner?(Who is/has)

List of pairs of words

  1. What is it?ItWhat color?It’s yellow.
  2. The ministeradjuredHis stumbling congregationAbjureThe sins of the flesh
  3. TheobjectMy life’s purpose is to help those who are struggling.abject poverty.
  4. AllAcceptedMy offerExceptJohn.
  5. The number of students who wanted it.AccessThe library was openedExcessOne hundred.
  6. Stay awayWine andRefrainIt is better to keep it from going on the streets.
  7. The government would frequentlyadoptPolicies that required employees toAdaptTo a strict regime.
  8. SheRecognizeIt was his fault, but it was never his faultConfessHer sins.
  9. I am looking forAdviceFrom the Holy Quran before IAdviceAnyone.
  10. AffectionNo needaffectation.
  11. Love is a turning pointenmityInAmity.
  12. Sometimes, it seems more shocking than you realize.AmoralMore than to beImmoral.
  13. Once we have the jeweler,appraiseWe will give you the diamondKeep trackIts value is yours.
  14. The policeAcceptTo the suggestion that anyoneExceedsSpeed limits should be punished.
  15. They got theassentThey allowed the balloon to take off from the weather bureauAscent
  16. We have to payAttentionTo theIntentionThe sinner.
  17. I amAverseTo travel in suchNegativeWeather conditions
  18. Teaching is her forteVocationPainting is the best art form.Avocation.
  19. She would frequentlyalludeTo her childhood, when she wouldYou are not hereHer brothers playing hide-and-seek with her.
  20. Selfless people don’t need anythingAwardOrRewardFor his services.
  21. We used to engage in mock debates.Alternateside, takingAlternativePositions
  22. The government attempted to ease the situation.EffectsThe depression thatAffectedThe poor man is suffering.
  23. WithamiableIt is easy to be an adult.AmicableAny dispute can be settled.
  24. AnywhereAngleHe looks like he wants to be anangel.
  25. It is difficult toanticipateThings that one does not needExpect.
  26. I’ll be there againTake a momentYou can do it. Do you want to wait?Once in a while?
  27. He shared a hilarious storyAnecdoteMixing his soda with the snake biteantidote.
  28. Other thanMy brother was sitting with me.NebenMy mother.
  29. Both are not aBorrowerNor alenderbe.
  30. The economy seemed to be in declineBackwardsThanks to theBackward government policies.
  31. It was so.BoredomAt theBoardat the meeting of the Trustees that I fell asleep.
  32. He willBreakThe carBreezeIf he continues to push for it like that.
  33. EveryBreathingCounts, soBreatheNow, take a deep breath.
  34. The Assembly will address theConcessionEast Pakistan’s next chaptersession.
  35. We worecanvasWe tried to put on shoescanvassThe entire area.
  36. Many people believed he was sweet.Kindness is a natural instinctIn his innocence, I believed he was boorish.Childish.
  37. HisClothingThey were made fromClothsMany colors available
  38. We used acoarseSandpaper, ofCourse.
  39. SheComplementary sister forComplementingHot coffee with dinner
  40. She wasConfidentSheConfidantShe had provided her with valuable information.
  41. The word gutsdenotesIt also includes the intestinesconnotationsCourage and determination.
  42. It was terribleDiningNoise coming from theDiningRoom.
  43. Because no one has ever offered anythingdissentWe waited for the right moment.GoodOur work began at that time.descentTo the lower floors.
  44. She did not seem to be able to.consciousDespite the fact that her husband is not a widower,conscience.
  45. Her family grew to include contemptuousHerDisregardibleBehave.
  46. ThesecontinualWeather changes seem to be linked to our ability to change our weathercontinuousEmissions of carbon monoxide to the atmosphere
  47. My mother willConvinceHe knows she is right, and will definitely prove it to him.PersuadeHe will continue to work.
  48. She made the decision to search for theCounselThe ZilaCouncil.
  49. It was not apparentCredibleThis is aCreditableSuch a thing would be unacceptable.
  50. There was initially only one.CriteriaFor being elected Chairperson, but then suddenly the Party imposed many other requirementsCriteria
  51. I kept a weekly journal.diaryDuring those years, I was involved in thedairyFarm.
  52. You can appear more confident if you want to.DemureYou will need toDemurYou can be less assertive.
  53. All cooldessertIt would be great to eat out on the sandy beaches.desert.
  54. The prisoner attempted toDesignA cleverDeviceTo help him escape.
  55. She thought her dog would.dieAfter it had drunk the bowl of blue,Dye.
  56. They kept their love affair aliveDiscloseLiving the good lifediscreteLives
  57. A judge should beDisinterestedNotUninterested
  58. It was part the government’sEconomicStrategy to get the military to buy the mostEconomic material available.
  59. We shouldWählenA president before heSelectsCabinet members
  60. What did the politicians intend to do?elicitThese are obviousIllicitHow to get funds without being caught?
  61. They were afraid his death would bring about panic.eminentIn the world of politics, figure wasimminentThere is a danger of getting killed
  62. He was determined to carve an ornament.epigramHe had seen it used as anepigraphHis grandfather’sepitaph.
  63. He loved bugs and was a keen student of them.entomologyHis friend enjoyed words and started to read.etymology.
  64. HeParticularlyLikes coffee ice cream. His wife purchases some every week.ParticularlyFor him.
  65. OurEverydayDishesEvery day.
  66. Now, the document isexplicitWhat was onlyimplicitIn the cunning eyes and the skill of the negotiator.
  67. What?The extentThey searched for theExtantDo you have manuscripts of Diwan-e-Ghalib
  68. Nothing seemed to work.FazeShe went through the most difficult momentsPhaseHer life.
  69. I can runContinue readingYou are more than me, but let’s talk about thatContinue readingAfter the race.
  70. She hasFewerShe has not received any complaintsLessEnergy
  71. Previously,We metFormallyThese matters can be discussed.
  72. The soldiers of theFourthRegiment bravely wentThese are the best.
  73. Portrait of the criminal who wasHangedLast week washungOn the wall.
  74. You can call food “food.”HealthfulIf it makes us live betterHealthyLife.
  75. TheheroineThe overdose of a drug that led to the death of the film star was fatal.heroin.
  76. In less than oneHourThe voters inOurWe will be voting for the town.
  77. He made the following remarks in his speech:AllusionTo theIllusionLife is full of beauty.
  78. They do.ImmigratedThey may come from all parts of Asia to visit this city; later, they might decide to stay.EmigrateOther.
  79. TheincidenceOfincidentsRobbery is now unacceptable.
  80. He wasIncredulousHis brother could do suchIncredibleThese feats.
  81. The TyrantInflictedThey were forced to endure great hardship. They feltAffectedHis harsh regime.
  82. Her naivety andingenuousMother was amazed that her daughter could make such an amazing productingeniousDemonstration for the science fair
  83. TheIntenseThe scientists from the University of California, Berkeley did heatIntensiveStudy of theExtensive crop damage.
  84. MyLatestThe book Spoken English was published.Last year.
  85. He was a great man.LedHis feet looked like they were made for him when he led his soldiers to battleLead.
  86. ThelightningThe sailors struck all around them and continued their mission oflighteningThe ship.
  87. My shoes are soLooseThat I’m goingLose them.
  88. ALuxuriantThe most was the site where the garden was planted.luxuriousHotel in the city
  89. Hamid and Zubda believed that studying themartial artsLike judo, it would help them.maritalRelationship
  90. He is not worthy of aMedalHe was not a strong competitor when he tried to.meddleWe are in control of our affairs.
  91. TheMoralThe best part about this story is theMoraleThe business team is extremely important.
  92. My grandfather, anavalOfficer, was killed after he was hit in theNavigaBy the cannonball.
  93. This is it!KnowThatNoIf you feel at home, just walk in.
  94. He did anOralCommitment to speak on biologicalAuralThere are many aspects to listening. He is a remarkable communicator.
  95. The lawyers walked around in theperimeterThe estate was discussed during the discussionParameterThis is the case.
  96. Doctors must be able to communicate with patients.patienceIn dealing with thepatientsIn the hospital
  97. The duration ofPeaceIt is fascinating to see the differences between these two wars.PieceThe history of the world.
  98. He wasPoringHe accidentally flipped his books.pouredCoffee all over his papers.
  99. High schoolprincipalToday, it was stated thatprincipal problemToday’s youth lacks moralityprinciple.
  100. During thereignCharles-I declared that it was against the law for a leather to be usedreinDuring theIt rains.
  101. Her poetry is beautiful.sensuous.Some people actually find it quite enjoyable.Sensual.
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